Oh no! You’ve dropped your favorite ring down the drain and panic is setting in. It may sound like a daunting task to recover the lost item, but you’ve come to the right place to turn this tricky situation around in no time. Stay calm; Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Greenville plumbing has some tips for you to retrieve your prized procession.


When recovering an item that you’ve dropped down a sink, you need access to the plumbing drain trap (P-trap) under the sink. Most small items like jewelry will sink and end up here. All you will need is a bucket and adjustable pliers.

  • Turn off the faucet and valves under the sink
  • Loosen the nut holding the P-trap (underneath) to the tailpiece (pipe that extends from the drain opening)
  • Unscrew the nut connecting the trap to the drain outlet.
  • Remove both nuts, pull the trap opening down and away from the tailpiece, then away from the drain and out from below the sink, all the while holding the P-trap upright.
  • The last step is to empty the trap into a bucket, and your lost item should appear.


It’s very common to drop something down the drain in your bathtub or shower. Turn off the water immediately to prevent the items from being pushed further down.

  • Remove drain cover, including screws, but be careful not to also drop the screws down the drain.
  • With a clean and empty vacuum cleaner, place the nozzle of the drain.
  • The bag should have your lost item inside. If not, use a wire hanger to feel for it in the drain trap and then use the vacuum to suck the piece up and out of the drain.


To retrieve an item dropped down the toilet drain, never use a plunger. Instead, use a wet/dry vacuum.

  • First, remove the vacuum’s filter. Choose the hose attachment based on the item that was lost. For example, smaller items would be best suited using the crevice attachment.
  • Snake the vacuum hose down the toilet drain as far as the drain would permit.
  • Once the item has been found, you will notice a standstill in suction or hear a small noise.

If you’ve tried these tricks and are still unable to retrieve your item, or would prefer one of our experts to come to the rescue, contact BFP today!