As Springfield, Montana’s plumbing experts, we’re capable of helping you install and repair your water heater. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s especially true when it comes to expensive repairs. One of the biggest problems that can affect water heaters with tanks is the buildup of sediment in the tank. Sediment buildup is a problem for many water heaters, but regular flushing can keep it from causing major damage. This regular bit of maintenance is something you can do by yourself to save plenty of money in the long run.

Here are five ways flushing your water heater can make it run better:

Remove sediment

Disposing of sediment is the main reason you’ll want to flush out your water heater. Sediment is a common reason water heaters fail. Sometimes the sediment will force a water heater to overwork itself to the point of breaking down. Other times it can wear down the inside of the tank until it starts leaking. Keeping sediment out of the tank will help keep your water heater healthy.

Less noise

If sediment gets the chance to settle at the bottom of the tank, it can solidify and create small air pockets. As your water heater heats and cools, these pockets can make a variety of popping and crackling noises. While not inherently dangerous, it can be a distracting sign that your water heater needs attention.

Better heating for less energy

A bigger problem settled sediment can cause is isolating the heating element from the water, making it harder to properly heat the water. When this happens, it takes longer to heat the water, you’ll pay more for the energy it uses, and the heating element will break down quicker due to overuse. Flushing out the tank can help keep your energy bills low and your heating quick.

Longer lifespan

Sediment often plays a critical role in a water tank’s failure. Buildups of scale can damage a tank’s insides, ruin heating elements, and even cause overheating at the bottom of gas water heaters. In those cases, the bottom of the tank can burst and spill water everywhere. By regularly flushing your water heater, you can avoid a catastrophic breakdown.

Warranty obligations

Depending on your manufacturer’s warranty, your payout may be void if the buildup of scale and sediment ruins the water heater. Regular flushing can help ensure it doesn’t die to sediment and safeguard your warranty payout.

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