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How Does a Water Filtration System in Sugar Land Actually Work?

Water is one of the most important substances in the world, as it is a unique substance which covers over 70 per cent of the surface of the world. The human body itself is three-fourths water and it is essential for numerous sciences which have evolved throughout the years. Things like agriculture, medicine, transportation, heating and the creation of food are things which would not exist without water.

In Sugar Land, Texas, the majority of the city enjoys clean and healthy drinking water thanks to government treatment plants. This water is, for the most part, safe to drink but it possesses various odors and smells due to chlorine, which is used to disinfect the water and keep it free of pollutants and germs.

The above two reasons should illustrate to our customers about why they need a water filtration system in Sugar Land. But how exactly do these systems manage to purify your water and make it safe for you to drink? Read on to find out.

Carbon Filters

The first of a large variety of filtering techniques that a water filtration system in Sugar Land can have. Carbon filters are one of the most common filtration techniques that most devices make use of. There are two types of carbon filters which exist: Block carbon and granular activated carbon.

Both of these filters make use of an adhesive property found in carbon which causes pollutants which pass through the filter to stick to the filter. So if your tap is running, and there are some harmful substances in the water, then the carbon will purify your water by trapping pollutants within the carbon filter.

water filtration system in Sugar Land fitted with a carbon filter can remove basic chemicals present in your water such as chlorine and radon, both which are quite harmful if consumed in large quantities. It also has the ability to remove some disease-causing bacteria.

But one of the major drawbacks to install a carbon filter is that large particles will not be removed from your water. The carbon filter is too small to catch particles like minerals, salts, and various metals.

You will need to replace or clean the carbon filter in your system from time to time, as it becomes dirty quickly.

Distillation Filters

water filtration system in Sugar Land, which is fitted with distillation filters, heats the tap water until it turns into steam. The steam is then cooled until it becomes a liquid once more. This filtration technique is good for removing large metals which cannot be removed by a carbon filter. But like carbon filters, distillation filters also have a disadvantage; they cannot remove pesticides and chlorine.

Reverse Osmosis Technique

The reverse-osmosis filtration system installed in a water filtration system in Sugar Land passes the tap water through a thin screen. This screen removes most impurities in the tap water which are too big to pass through it.

This treatment of tap water is effective to remove metals such as lead and mercury, but it cannot be used to remove the odors and smells caused by chlorine and radon. These chemicals are too small to be stopped by the screen.

Even though this method of filtration is quite useful, it should be used with other filtration techniques to remove chemical pollutants.

Ion Exchange Filters

If you are having issues with hard water pouring through your taps and showers, then you might need to invest in a water filtration system in Sugar Land with ion exchange filters. These filters are effective in extracting hard minerals such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium from your tap water.

But an ion exchange filter has the same issue as the reverse-osmosis technique; it cannot remove smells and odor caused by chlorine and radon.

Ozone Filters

This type of filtration is quite complicated, but we are not going to bore you with all the complicated science jargon. The basic way an ozone filter in a water filtration system in Sugar Land works is that it disinfects your tap water by releasing toxic oxygen atoms.

This method of filtration is not recommended to be used alone, as many of the pollutants in your tap water will still be present.

Sediment Filters

A sediment filter installed in your water filtration system in Sugar Land useful for removing large particles of sand and mud.

This filter should be used with most other filters in this list. So what would be a good combination of filters in this sense? A sediment filter, which captures particles unable to dissolve in water, and the reverse-osmosis filter, which removes metals and minerals dissolved in water.

Ultraviolet Filters

There are two types of ultraviolet filters which you can install in your water filtration system in Sugar Land. The first type of filter is used to remove bacteria which may be hazardous to your health and cause diseases. The second type of ultraviolet filter filters out the bacteria which are not disease-causing, but harmful in large amounts nonetheless.

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