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About DIY Drain Cleaning and Why You Should Avoid It | Plumbers in Sugar Land

We’ve all been through it – you turn the water faucet on and instead of seeing the water flow, the water simply begins to back up. Since we’ve seen so many commercials on liquid drain cleaners, our very first thought is to reach for the bottle of chemical drain cleaner and just wish for the job to get done. Well, plumbers in Sugar Land will want you to know that you’re just making matter worse for yourself.

Chemical Drain Cleaners are Bad News

Plumbers in Sugar Land would like to tell you that drain cleaners are bad news because chemicals are really bad news for the insides of your pipes. This will be the case even if the bottle says, “safe for pipes” on them. It should be enough of a sign for homeowners when most of these drain cleaners have a warning sign at their backs. These signs mostly advise homeowners to call the local poison control center if some of the chemical touches your skin.

If you still insist on trying these chemical drain cleaners on your minor clogs, then plumbers in Sugar Land will recommend that you get yourself enzymatic and all natural products. These types of products use organic enzymes to break all the bacteria and material that clog pipes.

The problem with these all-natural products, however, is that they aren’t strong enough to break down tough clogs. According to plumbers in Sugar Land these products are best used for monthly drain maintenance and not for simply clearing up clogs whenever they occur.

Other than going through with a disastrous DIY solution, why not pay attention to preventative measures like leaning what not to dispose off in the drain. According to plumbers in Sugar Land the following 10 items shouldn’t be disposed off in the drain:

Things You Shouldn’t Dispose Off In the Drain According to Plumbers in Sugar Land

Whether you have a garbage disposal in your home or not, this is an opportune moment to understand that certain substances should not be ‘washed away’ in your drain. If you aren’t a fan of calling plumbers in Sugar Land every other day, then take a moment to remember these common culprits for drain clogs and water polluters.

1.   Cooking Oil

Oils have been known to be major contributors for clogs because of the fact that they mix with debris to form somewhat of a sludge. Plumbers in Sugar Land will tell you that you will experience the very same with salad dressings and mayonnaise.

2.   Grease and Other Fats

Exactly as was the case with oils, grease and leftover fats from different kinds of meats and cooking bacon tend to block and congeal drain. This is so because they allow a lot of debris to cling onto their surface on the insides of the pipes. When enough debris has accumulated over a period of time, your pipes will have formed a serious clog.

3.   Butter and Margarine

Plumbers in Sugar Land will tell you that especially when both of these items are melted, margarine and butter create something of a water resistant barrier in your pipes. Over time, there will be no DIY drain cleaner that can solve your problem!

4.   Egg Shells

It has been found that oftentimes homeowners dispose of egg shells in their garbage disposals. Well, professionals would like to tell you that these shells are quite hard on the disposable blades of your fixture because their membranes easily wrap on the grinding apparatus. Once grounded, the tiny bits of shell will compound over to form other kinds of blockages. This is why professionals will tell you that it is better to simply toss them out!

5.   Coffee Grounds

Since coffee grounds aren’t completely soluble in water, then grounds mix with oil to form a grease that can easily coat the interior of pipes. When this happens, it will be apparent that you have a real mess on your hands. This is why coffee grounds should be disposed of in your trash chute or better yet – they can be composted.

6.   Pasta

Most people didn’t know this but noodles actually expand when they are exposed to water. Naturally, every time you will open your faucet, the sticky semolina flour from your pasta will actually gum up the interiors of your pipes. Pasta has also been known to fill up the garbage disposal trap of a lot of homeowners out there.

7.   Rice

We know – homeowners don’t usually dispose of these in their drains but they can slip off into it. Once this happens, the rice experiences the very same effect as pasta – it swells up.

8.   Flour

We don’t really need to dig into this one. Flour and water is basically glue – so you get the picture.

9.   Produce Stickers

Produce stickers tend to fall off quite easily while you’re washing them. Well, you should pay attention as when they enter your drain, the rarely soluble stickers can easily block filters and screens in water treatment plants, way down the line from your sewer line.

10.  Medication

Plumbers in Sugar Land will tell you that there isn’t any real danger in slipping these down the pipes or drains per say, but the addition of these pharmaceuticals is never good for both animals and water. There are even some programs out there that are helping people understand the dangers of doing so and how to properly dispose of these medicines. They advise homeowners to dispose of medicine by first sealing it and then getting rid of it in the trash can.

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