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Things You Should and Should NOT Say to Your Plumber

Client showing plumber faucet

Nobody wants to call a plumber. But when we do, we need to know how to treat them fairly. Plumbers are licensed professionals who are serving us with their valuable skills. They ensure our comfort in our homes, prevent good water from mixing with bad water and save us from more diseases than we can imagine.

Don’t we all agree that this person deserves respect and recognition? Sometimes we can’t even imagine how we can make someone’s day just by smiling at them or passing a compliment.

If you are looking to hire plumbers in Sugar Land, this article will give you a list of things you should and should not say to the plumber.

You Should

  • First and foremost, remember to ask your plumber for his license and certification. Plumbers have licensed professionals in many of the states including Texas. You will find plumbers in Sugar Land practicing with or without licenses. When you hire a plumber, ask him about his license, even before he visits your place. Many contractors’ websites already have listed the license numbers to ensure credibility. Plumbers in Sugar Land with licenses will help you avoid any unnecessary issues or bigger problems.
  • Ask them if they are insured. This is a crucial point as any accident or injury caused to them during their visit to your place will be their responsibility. Insured plumbers in Sugar Land will cover repair bills of any damage that has been caused to your property by them.
  • Ask them about their work. Plumbers in Sugar Land feel recognized when you want to ask them about their work history. Talking to them will make you certain about whether they will be there in the next few days to cater to any other troubles that you might face. You may also learn their capacity for work which will give you a better idea of what to expect of them.
  • Appreciate and recognize their services. This goes especially for the ones who serve you in your emergency needs. Yes, it is their job to do so but it wouldn’t hurt to appreciate every now and then. Recognition of their skill and their willingness to help you at any time of the day will not only boost their confidence, but they might even give you an extra care tip.
  • Tip them. It isn’t disallowed and you aren’t required to, but for emergency services or good work, why not? Tips don’t really have to be monetary; it can be a cookie or a goody, a good word for them to your neighbors and friends, or a good review to their contractor. These can be different ways in which you can tip the plumber for his good work; and of course, some extra bucks could also do.
  • Pre-book their services and ask them for a scheduled time. This will be beneficial for you as well as you can save some bucks on the emergency services. It will also allow plumbers in Sugar Land to schedule their day and time accordingly.

You Should NOT

  • Don’t complain to the plumber’s face about the charges being too high. It is most likely that they are charging you only the amount that they need to. If you whine about the costly services, it would discourage the plumber. This goes for every technical profession out there; these people have technical knowledge more than we do and they need to be paid and praised for their service. Also, do not ask the plumbers in Sugar Land to give you discounted rates once the cost has been fixed just because you know them or they have returned to your home.
  • Do not tell your plumber that you will pay them later. Since you are encouraged to ask them the estimated cost and the maximum that it could go to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Asking them to bill you later is not professional.
  • Do not offer your help unless asked for it. Offering help will not save you bucks nor will it make their work easier. In fact, for what it’s worth, it might just make their work a bit more difficult. Following them around and engaging them in a conversation is totally an okay thing to do. You can learn some tips about how your house plumbing system works and what your plumber has to say about the situation. But offering help is a big NO. If the plumbers in Sugar Land leave their tools lying across or take a break leaving work undone, do NOT disturb the situation. Let it stay as it is unless the plumber is back and ready to wind up the work.
  • Do not tell them their job is easier. Let’s face it: there is nothing such as an easy job. It all depends on how much you like it. For plumbers in Sugar Land, plumbing is a licensed duty for which they have received some sort of credentials. Do not degrade their job or interfere with how they should do your job based on your DIY ideas.

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