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5 Common Plumbing Problems and How They Can Become a Nightmare If Left Untreated

Is your house calling out to you for its plumbing issues? Many times there are long due plumbing issues that we don’t take into consideration. Those times when it turns into something hazardous and requires immediate attention, we listen. One issues can be a wall seepage caused due to heavy rainfall, which can eventually weaken the structure of the house.

Common plumbing problems are more of emergency situations which need prompt action. These issues are such that cannot be delayed for even a few days as they can cause disastrous consequences. You may call a plumber in Rosenberg for several emergency repairs such as leaking toilets, broken faucets, damaged water lines, slab leaks or clogged drains. You can address these issues immediately but cannot always prevent them from occurring.

You are likely to face plumbing issues every now and then. They may not only cause discomfort but can also be hazardous to health and safety, and can lead to bigger plumbing disasters. What you can do is to recognize them and address them before they pose a greater threat to your family and home.

Here are 5 common plumbing issues that every homeowner has experienced at least once in their lifetimes. We will also tell you how these plumbing issues can become your worst nightmare if you ignore them for even a day.

1.  Leaky Toilets

A dripping or leaking toilet is the most common problem for which we call a plumber in Rosenberg. Identifying the leaky toilet and getting it fixed takes less than a few hours but if untreated, it can lead to severe consequences.

Minor leaks in toilets can lead to a huge amount of water wastage. If there is constant dripping or leaking of water, even in a single day there can be dozens of liters of water wasted.

Leaky toilets can become costly and hazardous if they are not treated promptly. The cost of water bills can be much more than what you would spend on calling a plumber in Rosenberg and getting it fixed. If it is ignored for long, it can cause damage to the hardware, result in a flush overflow or other issues that require costlier plumbing services.

Leaking water from toilets can seep into the floors and walls causing structural damage to your bathroom. This can become a safety hazard, especially if you have children or old people living with you. Water leakage can also cause the growth of mold and other insects.

Once you hear the announcing sound of the leaky toilet, either invite your plumber in Rosenberg or invite lots of troublesome consequences!

2.  Tap Leaks

Tap leaks are more common than ever. Every few days, plumbers are called for emergency leaks in kitchen or bathroom sinks or washer taps. The causes of these leaks are lack of maintenance or misuse of the tap.

If these leaks are not fixed by your plumber in Rosenberg, it can lead to major consequences such as damage to the water hose, drain line or drain seal. These plumbing issues can take longer and costlier to fix.

Tap leaks also result in water wastage, again causing high amounts of water bills. It will cause you more nuisance later than to just give a call to a local plumber in Rosenberg immediately.

3.  Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are the most ignored of all plumbing issues. As common as they are, people tend to call plumbers only when the clog worsens. They will often manage by the time they see the water going through the drain, however, slow it may be, until it worsens and causes disruption. If you are waiting for your drain to clear out on its own, you are inviting big trouble.

Clogged drains can be much more serious than people realize. They mix good water with bad water and that can be the home for bacteria. Food and waste that gets clogged in the drain become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, roaches and other insects.

Such organisms can eat up your drain causing bigger plumbing issues as the effect of it will spread throughout your whole drainage system. Again, this can lead to costlier plumbing issues.

Health risks are on the rise when clogged drains are left untreated. The waste and dirt clogged in the drain can cause bad odors and stagnant water, resulting in health risks. If you have a clogged drain, call a plumber in Rosenberg immediately to avoid it from worsening.

4.  Stressed Water Mainline

The main line of water supply in your home is the most crucial aspect. This mainline provides water to your whole house and if it is damaged, there is a high risk of deteriorating quality of life. Sometimes damage in the mainline is left undetected as not everyone keeps a check on it.

The damage can result in low or high water pressure, colored water in taps, spots on walls or floor inside the home or limited or no water supply in some taps. Often, the stress on the mainline may not cause any damage but needs maintenance to avoid damage.

Call your plumber in Rosenberg regularly to get your water mainline checked before it’s too late.

5.  Sewer Backups

The worst kind of plumbing emergency you can face. They can be caused due to blockage in the lines, lack of maintenance or old rusty lines or due to weathering.

Sewer backups cause inconvenience, nuisance and are a major health hazard. If you leave it ignored for even a few hours, it will lead to major issues in your house. You can prevent this issue by calling a plumber in Rosenberg for maintenance every few weeks or months, and keep an eye on your house system to track any unusual signs.

Are you currently facing any of these problems or experiencing any unusual signs? Call a plumber in Rosenberg from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing– the name you can trust for your plumbing disasters. You can reach us at (281) 616-3978 for any type of plumbing emergencies and we assure to serve you before your issues worsen.