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Plumbers in Katy, TX – Clogged Drains

Plumbers in Katy, TX – Clogged drains are one of the most common plumbing issues in residential homes. Simple preventative measures and ensuring family members know what not to put down a drain or toilet can prevent clogged drains and clogged sewer lines. If you are having drainage problems in your home get in touch with Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Katy, TX today.

Benjamin Franklin‘s plumbers in Katy, TX are drain cleaning experts, equipped with the latest tools, technology and expertise to make sure a proper and thorough drain cleaning is accomplished. You can rely on our professionals to accurately diagnose any drain issue, safely clear the clog, restoring clean, efficient drainage for your home or business.

Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Katy, TX understand how inconvenient it can be waiting for a plumber to arrive, especially if he or she is late. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing guarantees our professional and courteous plumbers will arrive on time as scheduled for your drain cleaning appointment, or we pay you for each minute our plumber is late. Additionally, our plumbers are ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, and that is why when you need a plumber, Benjamin Franklin will there.

Typically, a poor drainage in one location indicates a problem with the single drain. A drainage problem involving all drains likely indicates a problem with the sewer pipe. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Katy, TX can determine the cause of your drainage issues, and provide clean, efficient drain cleaning.

Toilet – A toilet is designed to dispose of bath tissue and human waste only. Some bath tissues can be bad for septic tank systems. Test bath tissue by placing a few sheets in a clear glass and fill with water, then swirl for a few seconds. The tissue should break into small pieces quickly. If the paper is still mostly intact, select a different brand to avoid clogged toilets and septic tank problems, and the need for service by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

Frequency of Drain Cleaning

How often a home’s drainage system requires cleaning will depend upon household habits. It is common for households utilizing a garbage disposal to require more frequent cleaning than those that do not. Furthermore, in household’s where family members routinely pour food particulates, oil, grease and fats in the sink, or shave in a sink, rather than a basin that is emptied outdoors, the drain and sewer lines will require cleaning more often.

Otherwise, in the average household, professional drain cleaning every 2-3 years will be beneficial. Using prudence in what goes down the drain will reduce the required frequency of drain cleaning. If you are having drainage issues with your plumbing, the first step in resolving them is to contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Katy, TX for professional drain cleaning service.

The Advantages of Periodic Drain Cleaning

Periodic drain cleaning from Benjamin Plumbing ensures that drain and sewer pipe drains smoothly and efficiently. In addition, it significantly reduces the risk of plumbing issues, such as broken drain pipes or sewage backup, and the health hazards involved. With periodic cleaning, and observing clog prevention guidelines, the risk of these disasters occurring is minimal. Periodic drain cleaning reduces potential damage to the home and its foundation from overflow, while preventing drain odors.

Garbage Disposal

Observe disposal recommendations. Do not use the garbage disposal for hard foods such as bone, peach seeds, or cherry pits, stringy or fibrous foods such as chicken skin, celery, greens, cornhusks, banana peels, onionskins; or starchy foods that can swell and clog the drain such as rice or pasta. Do not place paper, foam meat trays, plastic, glass, or metal into the disposal.

Turn the cold water on before using the garbage disposal, let it run during its use, and allow it to continue to run for 20 seconds or longer after you have finished. This ensures the flushing of food particles from the disposal and through the drain. Do not use hot water while the garbage disposal is operating, though it can be used at any other time. Place small, cut-up pieces of food in the disposal one at a time to prevent jamming the appliance.


When the drain or sewer pipe has grease clogging it up, high-pressure hydrojetting provides the only effective means of cleaning pipes thoroughly. In addition, hydrojetting provides an effective means of reducing the corrosion on the inner walls of cast iron pipes, providing a smoother surface for efficient flow in sewage pipes.