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Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

Repiping job

The eventuality is that all plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas will eventually need to be replaced. The plumbing found in your home is an essential and core piece for modern living and our health. Whenever the pipes that bring water to our homes experience frequent leaks, and low water pressure, it is time for the consideration of a complete repipe of your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas. The following are signs that could tell you of the impending need for repiping your home’s plumbing.

High Water Bills and Leaks

If you are experiencing high water bills, this is usually an indication that there is leaking in your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas. Leaking pipes are not always visible to the eye or are easily detected by other methods, not until damage has already occurred in some cases. When leaks are recurring all too often it is best to prepare yourself for the eventuality that you will need to repipe your home’s plumbing before serious damage occurs to not only your home, but its foundation also.

Discolored Water

 If you are experiencing discoloration in your water whenever you first turn on the tap, then the possibility is that there is rust in your water line. This is especially true if you live in a much older home that was built before the 70’s. Chances are you have galvanized steel pipes and the reason behind the discoloration is due to the protective zinc barrier found in galvanized pipe has deteriorated away and left the steel vulnerable to corrosion and rust.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure makes it difficult to effectively remove soap and shampoo when you are taking a shower. If you are experiencing this issue when you did not before and you find that the municipal is not to blame then hard water is most likely the culprit with this and the mineral buildup has cut off the amount of water that can exit your faucets.  In situations like this you may not need to repipe if the buildup is not extensive enough throughout your home’s plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas.

Clean Water 

Copper pipe is lead free, and is biostatic, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. It is resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet light, making it a more than ideal replacement to repipe a home and for outdoor usage. Copper pipe also provides some flexibility, making for a much faster install process and due to this alongside its durability, it is possible to use in long pipe runs that require fewer joints. Additionally, due to copper’s durability it is much more resistant in natural disasters, such as earthquakes, when other piping would otherwise break.  

Disadvantages of Copper 

Copper is not recommended for use with water with a low pH.  Acidic water, such as hard water, for example, will reduce the lifespan of copper piping. Furthermore, the cost of copper has dramatically risen in cost, and for homeowners on tight budgets, making the jump to copper can be to costly.  


This type of piping is engineered to carry hot water and is stronger than PVC, which is only for cold-water distribution. Its advantages are as follows:

It is easier to install than copper, as joints connect with specialized glue, rather than the need to be soldered, and it has slight flexibility but not as much as copper does. It is a very lightweight material that is easy to cut through. PVC / CPVC is great for areas where corrosion of metal pipe materials is commonplace. It also offers a lifespan of anywhere between seventy-five to one hundred years if under the right conditions.

CPVC/PVC Disadvantages

 the disadvantages associated with CPVC / PVC is due to the fact that it will require a number of fittings for joints and it will also require some bracing. It is also not that great standing up to natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

PEX Pipe 

PEX pipe is the easiest of all materials to install. It also is the most flexible. PEX allows the installer to route the pipe around obstacles, requiring fewer fittings and it also allows for long pipe runs. The fittings that it does use are specially designed for PEX. They are of compression type and are much faster and easier to install, requiring no gluing or soldering. Due to the the flexibility of PEX it can tolerate freezing and thawing much better than other materials. This does not mean that PEX will not freeze, it will. However, due to its flexibility, it is less likely to burst than other pipe materials.  

PEX Disadvantages 

the installation of PEX typically will require bracing and support. PEX is also susceptible to ultraviolet rays from the sunlight, and therefore it is not suitable for outdoor applications with plumbing in Sugar Land, Texas.

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