How to Fix an Overflow Pipe Leak

How to Fix an Overflow Pipe Leak

If water is constantly leaking out of your toilet overflow pipe, the consequences are more than a mild form of “noise pollution.” You’re also going to be paying extra for water that is being wasted. In the worst-case scenario, overflowing water can cause damage that will be costly to repair.

What can you do about this problem? If you want an instant, professional resolution, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Eastern Iowa. If you’d like to see if you can troubleshoot things on your own, here are some steps you can take.

First Look

Take the cover of the toilet off and look inside. It’s possible that the problem is as simple as a tangled chain or bent float valve stem. Disentangle the chain from the float valve stem if that is the problem. Try gently bending the stem downward, to decrease the distance it must be raised to cause water to cease flowing into the overflow pipe.

Check the Water Pressure

It’s possible that the overflow pipe is leaking because the water pressure in the toilet tank is too high. Locate the valve that controls how much water flows into the toilet and close it slightly. This is the simplest problem, and as the easiest method for fixing the overflow pipe when that is the sole issue.

Replace the Washer of the Float Valve

If your toilet overflow pipe is still dripping, you may need to replace the washer on the float valve. The first step in addressing this issue is to totally shut off the water supply to the toilet, to eliminate the possibility of overflow. Take the float apart and remove the washer. If you don’t have a correct replacement on hand, take the washer to a hardware store to ensure you purchase the correct size. Attach the washer and reassemble the float.

Replace the Float Valve

If the float valve is no longer fulfilling its function, water will continue to run. If it is damaged, has a hole in it, or other piece will require replacement. Again, shut off the water supply before you remove the float valve. Take the valve you intend to replace to a hardware store and ensure you are purchasing the right replacement. Then install it as directed.

Constantly Running Toilet

The costs and annoyance of a toilet that constantly runs should be resolved as quickly as possible. The quantity of water wasted is incredible, often up to thousands of gallons per month, and hundreds of dollars tacked onto your water bill in just a month in some cases. As soon as the problem starts, it is time to call a professional plumber to repair the problem or do it yourself if that is what you prefer. Many people prefer not to handle plumbing issues on their own, and at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Eastern Iowa, we understand! We can fix the problem in no time and restore proper operation.

Following these steps can enable you to achieve success for a constantly running toilet. If you run into trouble or are not up to the task, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Eastern Iowa a call. We’ll send someone out to provide an exact diagnosis and an expert handling of your problem.