What to Do If Your Water Heater Leaks

If your water heater leaks, there are some instances where it’s a big problem but other times it’s just a minor issue. Follow these steps if your unit is leaking and then give us a call at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas. We’ll take care of your problem quickly and effectively so you can once again enjoy a hot shower.

Quick Action is Key

Here’s what you should do if your water heater leaks.

  • First, make sure that the problem actually lies with your water heater. There are times where a puddle near a water heater is merely condensation coming from a different pipe. This could be a discharge line for a water softener or a furnace drain line.
  • Next, turn off your unit. When a water heater leaks, shutting off the power can minimize the potential for water damage. Find your circuit breaker box and flip the breaker that controls your heater. If your unit is gas, simply turn the dial to the “off” position. Just make sure that you don’t turn off the shut-off valve if at all possible.
  • Find the cold water shut-off valve to cut the water supply. You should find the valve above the water heater in the form of a pull-down handle. However, it may also be a gate valve. If that’s the case, turn it clockwise to close. Make sure you stay away from any heated water because you could be burned.
  • Look around and see if you can find the cause of the leak. Check the hot water outlet and cold water inlet connections, and check the pressure relief valve as well. Then, check the heater drain valve as well as the bottom of the tank. Knowing where the leak is located can help your plumber fix the problem a lot faster.
  • Determine whether you should repair or replace the unit.

We’re ready to help you with any sort of problem you may be experiencing, whether your water heater leaks or you have another issue. We’re the leak detection experts — call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Dallas at (972) 895-7775 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.