As time-consuming as it may be, laundry is a task we all have to do on a routine basis. What if we told you there’s a new product Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers, that allows you to wash loads of laundry through a system that is healthier for your family, safer for the environment and smarter for your wallet? It’s known as the Laundry Pro™ by Aerus, and is the latest technology for doing laundry through Earth-friendly science.

laundry pro

Activated oxygen lifts dirt, odors and grime away from your clothing’s fibers, preventing odor-causing bacteria from growing. Best of all, this laundry system uses cold water only, which significantly reduces on monthly electric expenses. The Laundry Pro™ system is the only laundry cleaning system using ActivePure technology, certified by the NASA Space Program. When we say, “Certified Space Technology,” we mean that this product is guaranteed to have originated from technologies related to space exploration. From the outskirts of space, to your home’s laundry room, this technology is now available to protect you, your family and your home from dirty clothes.

LaundryPro™ Saves You Money

Just for a moment, think about how much money you spend each month on bleaches, detergents, fabric softeners and hot water. It quality stacks up into hundreds and even thousands of dollars over time. This somewhat hidden expense can be removed from your family’s budget entirely with the Laundry Pro™, because it’s designed to eliminate the need detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners and hot water!

Laundry Pro™ is Healthier for You and Your Family

Do you suffer from detergent related allergies? Your days of suffering are over. Because the Laundry Pro™ uses activated oxygen to lift dirt off your clothing, your skin will not absorb anything from fabric touching you that could be caused by things like detergent quality.

Laundry Pro™ Favors Mother Earth

The cleaning power of the Laundry Pro™ works best in cold water without the need for oxygen-based powders. This means you will not have bottles, boxes or buckets of detergents to throw away each month. More importantly, the amount of chemical-loaded water being swallowed by your home’s drains is tremendously reduced.

But Wait, There’s More…

We just showcased the three biggest benefits of the Laundry Pro™ system, but there are even more benefits that we want to mention. Please find them below:

  • No maintenance
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Whiter Whites, vivid Colors
  • Makes clothing softer
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Earth-friendly
  • Cleans without bleach
  • No need for detergent

Our team of Charlotte plumbers is thrilled to offer this state-of-the-art laundry system to Charlotte and the surrounding communities, because we want our customers to make well-informed buying decisions that positively affect their home, their family and their wallet for years to come. We are your ultimate Charlotte plumbing solution. If you have any questions about the Laundry Pro™ system or your home’s plumbing after reading this information, please reach out to our team by calling (704) 802-1379 today!