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Sewer lines are an integral part of maintaining the comfort and functionality of your home. When your sewer line isn't working properly, it's crucial to seek the assistance of a professional plumber who can inspect and repair the issue. Repairing sewer pipes can be a complex process, requiring the skills and experience of a seasoned plumber. That's where Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Charlotte comes in. 

We are your trusted provider of reliable sewer line repair services in Charlotte, NC. Our team of highly-skilled plumbers is dedicated to promptly identifying and resolving your sewer line problems, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Prompt and Professional Sewer Line Repairs

If you're experiencing issues with your sewer line, don't wait to take action. Call our sewer line repair experts today at (704) 802-1379 to schedule an appointment. 

We understand the urgency of sewer line problems and strive to provide immediate assistance to our customers.

Signs of Broken Sewer Pipes

Identifying broken sewer pipes can be challenging, as they are located underground. However, several signs around your home can indicate a potential problem with your sewer lines. It's crucial to be aware of these signs so that you can seek professional help promptly.

Here are some common signs that your sewer pipes may be broken:

  • Gurgling noises coming from your toilet: Unusual sounds coming from your toilet, such as gurgling or bubbling, may indicate a sewer line issue.
  • Lack of water in your toilet: If your toilet bowl is not refilling properly or has a low water level, it could be a sign of a broken sewer pipe.
  • Slow draining: If your sinks, tubs, or showers are draining slowly or not draining at all, it may be due to a blockage or breakage in your sewer line.
  • Sewer odor in your basement or yard: Foul odors originating from your basement or yard can be an indication of a sewer line problem.
  • Flooded yard: Excessive moisture or flooding in your yard, especially in the vicinity of sewer lines, could signify a significant issue that needs immediate attention.

Reliable Repairs for Your Sewer Lines

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Charlotte, our plumbing experts specialize in sewer line repairs and have the knowledge and expertise to handle various types of issues. Our primary goal is to minimize the need for sewer line replacement whenever possible, opting for efficient repair solutions. One common repair method we employ is pipe relining. 

During this process, we line your existing sewer pipes with a durable "sleeve" that prevents pipe cracks. This approach minimizes disruptions and avoids extensive excavation work. After cleaning the pipe, we apply the lining, which then hardens within a few hours, providing long-lasting protection and restoration to your sewer line.

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