Whole House Water Purification in Charlotte

No matter where you are in your home, clean healthy water can be at your fingertips with a whole house water purification system. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Charlotte offers the best water filter solutions from H2O Harmony.

The system ensures superior quality water for drinking, cooking, laundry, cleaning, showering and bathing. The complete whole house water purification system works to eliminate problems throughout the home, including stains and odors caused by your water. It combats chlorine and hard water problems.

The H2O Whole Harmony filter reduces problems you and see, and many you can’t, including particles of sediment, bad tastes and odors, and the buildup of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, which can stain fabrics and fixtures.

In addition, a whole house water purification system is environmentally friendly, helping reduce plastic waste from discarded bottled water containers. Get great tasting water, and save the earth at the same time!

How Whole Harmony Works

This easy-to-use, versatile system has an internal bypass that allows you to have continuous water flow during backwash and regeneration cycles. The one-inch flow-through valve is ideal for larger homes in the Greater Charlotte area, because it supplies more water with less pressure drop. There’s never a drop in pressure, even if you take a shower and do a load of wash at one time.

It’s also easy for your plumbing technician to service the water filter system with the handy external bypass valve.

Benefits of Water Filtration

  • Dispenses a constant supply of delicious water throughout the whole house
  • Significantly reduces bad taste and odor by filtering your water from chlorine, chloramines and other contaminates which are in your tap water throughout the whole house
  • Enhances the flavor of food
  • Less wrinkled skin by eliminating chlorine from your baths and showers
  • Reduces water problems and unsightly stains throughout your home by using a premium carbon filter, good for 8-10 years
  • Extended life of your fixtures, faucets and pipes by eliminating chemicals in your water
  • Save money and save time by not buying bottled water
  • Help save our earth
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • 5-year warranty on media

For Complete Harmony, Install Water Conditioner

In addition to recommending top quality water filtration systems, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Charlotte can also advise you about softening your home’s water supply. The Soft Harmony water conditioning system rids you of hard water problems that can cause spotty dishes, skin irritation, and scaly buildup on appliances.

Water softening with Soft Harmony helps maximize the efficiency of soap and detergents. After a shower, your hair and skin feel softer and cleaner.

The system can be programmed to match your family’s water needs, and a five-cycle regeneration makes it so efficient! Demand-initiated regeneration saves you money on salt and water because you only use what’s needed.

The internal bypass provides continuous soft water supply, and the external bypass valve makes it easy to service. Plus, a three-button keypad with digital display simplifies programming. You never lose your settings in a power outage with this electronic system.

Benefits of Soft Harmony

  • Softer skin
  • Brighter and softer clothes
  • Shower stall without water spots
  • Shiny and more manageable hair
  • Save money by using less soap and detergent; soft water produces more suds
  • Reduces water heating bills up to 29% by preventing calcium and mineral build up in your water heater tank, increasing its efficiency
  • Spot-free dishes using less soap
  • Prolong the life of your water heater by reducing scale buildup
  • Prolong the life of your dishwasher
  • Prolong the life of your faucets and all pipes
  • Metered electronic control valve conserves salt and water
  • 10-year warranty on all parts
  • 5-year warranty on media

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