Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Andover, we’re proud to be able to provide local families and communities with timely, thorough, and expertly performed plumbing services to get their home’s plumbing systems up and running as they should.

As a team, we understand how vital it is for individuals and families to have the support they need for any type of plumbing problem or emergency, which is why we offer a number of services that you may not have expected.

To learn more, have a look at some of these services from our crew that may surprise you!

Water Pump Services

When your water pump fails, your home runs dry. That means no showers, no drinking water, and maybe even a few days finding refuge in a hotel. However, you don’t need to lose any more time than you already have. Our plumbers are seasoned pump service experts with decades of experience under their belt and can replace or repair your water pump to restore the water you need to your home. Our crew can also provide the expert maintenance you need to make sure your water flow stays functional all year round.

Wells Services

Speaking of water, we provide well services, too, including service to pressure tanks, pressure switches, and filtration services. The pressure tank monitors the water pressure in your home, and the pressure switch activates your home’s well pump. If either of these vital components fails, you’ll have the same experience as if your water pump died.

Likewise, well water demands more filtration than water from municipal supplies. Without professional filtration, well water has been demonstrated to contain higher levels of bacteria, chlorine, sediment, and even dangerous chemicals.

Drain Cleaning

Hair, soap scum, and other biological material can bind together and form unsanitary drain clogs that can cause a plumbing emergency in your home. When your drains are blocked, your toilet will not flush, and your shower and sinks won’t drain as they should. Call on one of our seasoned plumbers to keep your home’s drains clear and your plumbing clean and sanitary!

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