Water Pumps

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Helps You Find the Right Water Pump for Your Home

Water pumps are at the core of a perfectly running plumbing system. Water pumps are great for powering a lawn sprinkler system or providing water to an entire home from a well. When a system needs a water pump to work properly, it’s crucial to select one that’s right for your needs. Selecting the wrong pump can result in ineffective water pressure and a system that doesn’t work as intended.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is ready to help you with all of your water pump needs. Our crew will come to your home, inspect its unique requirements, and suggest a system that’s right for you. We’ll always consider your preferences, budget, and specific needs when making a recommendation. Additionally, our team of plumbers are prepared to come to your home and quickly repair, maintain, or replace your existing water pump.

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Well Pumps

When a home uses a well as its water source, a water pump can be the most crucial aspect of having reliable running water. When these pumps break, homeowners immediately lose the convenience of running water. So, it’s important to recognize the signs of a problematic well water pump.

Common water pump issues include the following:

  • Dirty water coming from faucets
  • Low water pressure
  • Loud noises while running water
  • Air coming from faucets
  • Pulsing water
  • Continuous running

Well pumps have various components that need to work together to deliver water. When these parts fail, they need to be replaced. Having an experienced plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing might mean the difference between an expensive replacement or an affordable repair!

Causes of well pump failure include the following:

  • A bad pressure switch
  • A bad pump controller
  • A loss of power to the pump
  • Pitted or burned contacts in electrical components
  • A bad tank

Sprinkler & Irrigation System Pumps

Sprinkler and irrigation systems save homeowners time with yard maintenance. They also provide much more customization with choosing what areas are watered, when they are watered, and how often they are watered. If you’d like to stop wasting time holding a hose, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is ready to come to your home and install a new sprinkler system pump. We’re also ready to help diagnose problems with your existing sprinkler or irrigation system pump and help you find the best repair or replacement for it.

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*Check with your local franchise, services may vary by location.

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