Hydrojetting for Clean Drains

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is one step ahead of other drainage cleaning and maintenance services. On one hand, regular cleaning just uses a basic mechanical action to punch a hole through debris and clogs to restore water flow. On the other hand, a hydro jetter uses complete force of pressurized water to resolve the root cause of clogged drain problems.

Hydrojetting not only restores water flow, but also makes sure that the grease buildup inside your main line is removed. In fact, it also scours away tree roots and you get improved water flow. Here’s how the process works:


In order to do proper drain cleaning or to unclog a drain, highly skilled technicians access your sewer line and perform a thorough inspection to identify the root cause of the problem. Most times, these technicians also perform a video camera inspection for more accuracy. The technicians will re-establish water flow and clear any blockages in your sewer line.

Hydrojetting the Sewer Line 

Once the plumbers are done with the inspection of the clogged drain pipe, they will assess all kinds of issues related to your sewer line. A technician will insert a power hose with a cleaning head. Usually, it delivers more than 4000 psi pressure inside your sewer line.

Professionals use latest technologically and advanced cleaning heads to deliver more pressure and pay special attention to different areas in the clogged drain line. Water at high pressure will be released to scour away most kinds of blockages.


Once your clogged sewer drain line has been treated, the technicians will once again inspect to make sure that all problems have been resolved.

Why is Hydrojetting a Good Choice?

Superior Techniques

Pressure cleaning can resolve all kinds of issues related to blocked drains and clogging to unclog sewer line. It does not just punch a hole through the debris or blockage.

It thoroughly cleans a line and removes any sort of grease buildup. It also aims to resolve other issues like tree root intrusion into the line and so on.

Long-Term Results

Needless to say, just putting a hole through the debris to allow water flow is a short term solution for drain clean out.

On the other hand, scouring your whole line and removing all grease buildup and other debris gives more long-term results.


Since hydro jetters completely clean the line and improve water flow, you will not need another maintenance checkup for a very long time after the fact. Therefore, hydrojetting proves to be a very cost-effective solution in the long run.

Why Choose a Professional Drain Plumber?

A professional plumber like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Wilmington DE provides all kinds of washing and cleaning services to customers and have done so for a long time. So, we are not only skilled, but also experienced. With our vast knowledge and rich expertise about blocked sewer lines and drain cleaning, we aim to provide you with guaranteed high quality services at the most affordable rates.