Plumbing is an integral part of any home, but the chemicals and minerals in the water can break down the pipes over time. This process can go even faster is you use outdated piping materials like lead or galvanized metal. To keep your Springfield home functioning, you may sometimes need professionals to help you with repiping. Getting new pipes can improve your plumbing’s efficiency and keep water damage problems at bay.

Here are six ways repiping your Springfield home can improve your life:

Save money

Repiping your home may cost you money, but it’ll save you much more in the long run. Keeping your home’s piping healthy can help you avoid leaks and burst pipes, both of which can cause heavy water damage.

Improve your home’s value

When it comes to remodeling options, repiping your home isn’t the most visible option. However, it makes your home safer, and that extra bit of safety will improve your home’s value. Repiping shows that you care about your home as a homeowner and are willing to keep it in good condition. If you plan on selling your home, consider calling us to repipe it.

Cleaner water

Depending on the pipes you use, corrosion may be a serious issue for your home. Materials like galvanized iron tend to rust from the inside out, and all of the rust can get into your water. Not only does rust affect the quality of your drinking water, but it can also further wear away at your pipes. Getting new pipes made from modern materials like copper or PVC can help you avoid dealing with rust.

More hot water

Getting new pipes means you’ll be able to restore your water pressure to a good level. This’ll cause your home’s tank water heater to refill as fast as possible. Because of this, you’ll get hot water for your showers or dishwasher quicker.

Improved appliance performance

When your water-using appliances are showing a drop in performance, the problem may not be your appliances. Your appliances rely on getting a supply of water, and not having water can make them worse at their jobs. Repiping your home can get those appliances to work much better than they were before.

Better water pressure

Damaged pipes can often cause drops in your plumbing’s water pressure. If the stream from your faucet is weaker than it used to be, that’s a sign your water pressure isn’t doing well. Repiping can restore your home’s water pressure and make it easier for you to run multiple appliances since they’ll have more water to share.

What makes Benjamin Franklin Plumbing my best source for new pipes?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a long history of satisfied customers. What sets us apart are our valuable guarantees, including our repair guarantee and on-time guarantee. You can trust that not only will our plumbing technicians get the job done right, but they are also family-friendly, highly trained, and drug and background-tested. Best of all, our technicians are paid by the job, not by the hour. You can be sure that our pricing will be straightforward. We are happy to prove it in writing! Just ask to see our pricing guide so that you know exactly how much everything costs. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Springfield today to learn more about our repiping services!