If your home has problems with hard water, Benjamin Plumbing can help. Hard water is a kind of water with dissolved calcium and magnesium in it. These minerals can cause problems like clogged plumbing, rusted metal, and more. However, buying a water softener can help you filter out these minerals. This device works by attaching to your home’s water intake pipe and filtering out any minerals that cause hard water. By preventing hard water, you can see a variety of improvements in your home.

Here are six ways that getting a water softener for your home can make life easier:

Lower energy bills

Your water heater and its pipes are a great example of what hard water can do to your home. Hard water minerals can build up as sediment or limescale, wear down surfaces, and make your water heater less efficient. Installing a water softener can allow your water heater to run better and live longer. Hot water is important for daily life, so making your water heater more efficient can help lower your energy bills.

Healthier plumbing

Hard water is capable of rusting metal and anything else conductive to electricity. The minerals also tend to build up in pipes and appliances. This can cause a variety of issues and eventually require you to replace them. Hard water can also leave soap scum on hard surfaces. You can scrub it off, but that can also hurt your appliances. Getting a water softener can help you keep your plumbing healthy and avoid paying more money for repairs and replacements.

Green benefits

Water softeners provide environmental benefits by helping you lower energy bills and improve appliance efficiency. Efficient appliances use less water and energy to do their work. Keeping your appliances efficient means you’ll pay less for water and energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and save water and energy for others.

Filters out chlorine, as well

Minerals aren’t the only thing water softeners can filter out. Garden owners should know that there are some chemicals you don’t want to use on your plants. One of these chemicals is chlorine. Water treatment plants use chlorine to kill water-borne bacteria before it reaches your house. To use chlorinated water on your plants, you have to wait half an hour and let the water sit in an open container until the chlorine drifts out. Water softeners remove the chlorine after it’s treated your water, giving you the best of both worlds in having clean water without chlorine.

Save on soap

The minerals in hard water can be hard on your body by drying out your hair and skin. Also, hard water prevents soaps and shampoos from lathering properly, making it harder to clean. Preventing hard water can cause you to use about 75% less soap and shampoo, helping you save a bit of extra money.

Softer, brighter clothes

When used for washing, hard water’s minerals can get caught in your laundry’s fabrics. Some of the effects of these minerals include making clothes stiff, damaging fabrics, and dulling colors. Softening your water can keep your clothes in good condition and help them retain their colors. This means you won’t have to buy new clothes as often, saving you more money.

Why call Benjamin Franklin to keep my water purified?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a long history of satisfied customers. What sets us apart are our valuable guarantees, including our repair guarantee and on-time guarantee. You can trust that not only will our plumbing technicians get the job done right, but they are also family-friendly, highly trained, and drug and background-tested. Best of all, our technicians are paid by the job, not by the hour. You can be sure that our pricing will be straightforward. We are happy to prove it in writing! Just ask to see our pricing guide so that you know exactly how much everything costs. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Springfield today to learn more about getting a water softener for your home!