Your toilet’s only job is to safely transfer human waste from your home to a sewage treatment plant. However, no matter the load, your toilet always uses the same amount of water per flush. Isn’t there a more efficient way? As it turns out, there is! A dual flush toilet is a special kind of toilet that offers two different flush options. In addition to the classic flush, users can choose to use a flush that only uses half the water. This allows users to eliminate liquid waste without using as much water.

More about the dual flush toilet

The very first dual flush toilet was created in 1960 by the Japanese sanitary product manufacturer TOTO. This early version featured two flushing levers and a built-in hand washer. However, this early version didn’t get much notice, even within Japan. Later, in 1980, the American sanitary-ware company Caroma released a new dual flush toilet. This first version used flush volumes of 11 liters for solid waste and 5.5 for liquid. Unlike TOTO’s initial product, this design caught on, and a 1994 redesign made the flushing more efficient at 6 and 3 liters.

Unlike regular toilets, dual flush toilets don’t have the normal siphoning action that regular toilets use to flush. In addition, the trapway, the hole where waste and water exits, is larger, making flushing easier and decreasing the likelihood of clogs. Most importantly, however, is that there are two options for flushing the toilet. The liquid waste flush uses the least water, but a solid waste flush is still more efficient than a normal toilet due to the larger trapway.

It’s worth noting that there are a few downsides to dual flush toilets. For one, the decreased water usage means they can get dirtier faster and require more cleaning. In addition, they tend to cost more than their normal counterparts. They can also be a bit more complex when performing maintenance. However, if you’re looking for an easy way to save on your water bills, a dual flush toilet might be your best bet.

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