Although the typical response to a clogged drain is often a do-it-yourself fix, this approach can lead to much greater problems. The two most common clog-busting solutions used by homeowners or renters are liquid drain cleaners or a plunger but don’t expect either method to work all the time.

Liquid Drain Cleaner Dangers

It’s not uncommon for people to turn to liquid drain cleaners when plunging brings no results. This could be a big mistake. Limited and careful use of these products may help improve a slow drain, but overuse of these chemicals can also corrode pipes and cause hidden or very obvious leaks. If your use of corrosive chemicals causes a pipe break, you could find yourself quickly dealing with growing puddles.

Unexpected and Potentially Serious Results

A leak caused by the corrosive chemicals in liquid drain cleaners may not always be noticeable in its early stages. By the time you’re aware of a hidden leak, however, you could be faced with one or more of these major issues:

  • Interior flooding
  • Water-damaged floors and walls
  • Mosquitoes and other pests attracted to standing water
  • Foul-smelling and lingering odors
  • Mold and mildew
  • Health issues from bacterial growth

Call a Professional Plumber Before the Situation Gets Worse

We advise our customers the in Springfield, MO, and the surrounding areas we serve to call us before a clogged drain can become a serious issue. Your drain problem could be one that requires more than a plunger to fix. Contact us online or call us anytime night or day at (417) 213-8973. Our skilled technicians are standing by to address any and all of your plumbing needs.