Reasons to Call a Plumbing Contractor for Water Heater Replacement

If you have determined that you need a new water heater, you may be tempted to handle the water heater replacement yourself. Looking at the current one, it seems like a pretty straightforward project. The reality is that it is more complex than you might think and there are a few very good reasons why it is better to contact a plumbing contractor instead.

  • Water heaters are heavy. Think about how many times you will need to lift one to complete a water heater replacement project. You have to go shop for one and load it into your truck (although you might get help with that from the retailer), unload it when you get it home, move it to the location in your home where it will be installed, take out the old one and carry it out of your home, load the old one into your truck, and then unload it at the landfill. The old one may even weigh more than the typical 100 to 150 pounds of a new one if it is filled with sediment and still has some water in it.
  • Quality matters. A plumbing contractor often has access to superior models that you won’t find at your local big box retailer. With their buying power, you can often get a better quality at a lower price overall when you consider it can last you longer.
  • Warranty. If your water heater replacement is handled by a professional plumbing contractor and they make a mistake, it is on them to replace it if it is damaged. If you handle it, not only is it on you, but if you try to make a warranty claim down the road, the manufacturer could take the stand that you made an error during installation that led to the problem.

These are just three of the reasons why you should call a plumbing contractor to handle water heater replacement. Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Hendersonville, we could tell you about several situations of a DIY project that didn’t work out as planned. Let us put our expertise on the job to provide you with the best possible results.