How to Save Your Water Bill from a Running Toilet

white toilet in bathroom

Having a toilet in your house that’s constantly running is annoying—there’s no doubt about it!

But it also wastes a ton of water, and therefore, money.

We’re exploring exactly how much you’re wasting, and when you should take action.

How much water does a running toilet waste?

Your bathroom is already your home’s greatest source of indoor water use, which is probably no surprise to you. In fact, the toilet all by itself can account for 27 percent of your household’s indoor water use, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If your home has an older toilet, it likely uses between 3.5 and 7 gallons of water with each flush.

If you’ve got a toilet that’s constantly running, you’re looking at as much as thousands of gallons of water wasted in one month.

What are some of the causes of running toilets?

There are a few common problems that often lead to running toilets.

Your toilet flapper is worn out: This part creates a seal between your toilet’s tank and its bowl. But they don’t last forever, and when it wears out, it can cause your toilet to run. But you can buy a new one for about $15, and replace it yourself easily.

The flapper chain is the incorrect length: If it is too short, the flapper won’t be able to make the seal. If it’s too long, it could be getting stuck underneath the flapper. Either way, you can solve this problem by adjusting the flapper chain’s length.

Your handle is stuck: If your toilet is handle is stuck, your toilet will keep running! It may be too tight and need to be loosened.

Your toilet’s float is not at the right level: Once the water level inside your toilet’s tank reaches a certain height, the float shuts off the flow of the water. If the float is too high, the water level will also rise too high and then spill into the toilet’s overflow tube.

The fill valve is leaking: The fill valve takes water from the supply line into the toilet tank, but cracks can happen over time, leading to leaks.

You have a toilet gasket that needs to be replaced: Your toilet is made up of two separate pieces, the bowl and the tank. Those parts are connected with gaskets, which prevent water from leaking between them. But when the wear out, that can cause your toilet to run.

How much money will a running toilet waste?

A running toilet could run you (no pun intended!) hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. If it’s running 24/7, you can plan on it costing you thousands in terms of higher water bills.

If you’ve got a running toilet in your house, and you aren’t sure what’s causing it or how to fix it, don’t delay – contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today or call 1-877-BEN-1776.

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