The holiday season often includes entertaining more guests, requiring even more upkeep than usual. Cleaning the toilet is no one’s favorite chore, but here are seven ways to make the job quicker and easier and keep your bathroom cleaner during this busy time of year. 

  1. Clean it often
    Bathrooms are filled with germs and should always be cleaned once a week - especially your toilet. A quick weekly cleaning will save you from having to do an extensive scrub down every month. 
  2. Use vinegar to clean
    If regular cleaning products don't seem to be doing the trick, consider trying vinegar. Pour some vinegar into your toilet bowl and let it sit overnight. In the morning, use your toilet brush to scrub around the bowl. You may be surprised by how effectively this simple household staple cleans. 
  3. Reach for a toothbrush
    Keeping your whole toilet clean can be a challenge because of all the nooks and crannies that can be tough to reach. You can combat this problem by using a cheap toothbrush to attack these spots. If chemical cleaning products don't seem to work, wet the toothbrush and put a little baking soda on it to form a paste and use it to scrub any problem areas.
  4. Get the right brush
    The most important tool to have in your bathroom (other than your plunger) is a good toilet brush. You'll want one that's sturdy and easy for you to keep clean. The wrong brush won't be able to stand up to tough stains, and you'll find yourself replacing it every month. You may find purchasing a pricier brush is actually more cost-effective and may save you money in the long-run. 
  5. Keep disinfecting wipes on the toilet
    One simple way to keep your toilet cleaner for longer is to keep disinfecting wipes in your bathroom and encourage your family to use them.  This will help keep germs at bay as well as avoiding the buildup of any spots or stains. 
  6. Don't ignore the handle
    This is a prime area for germs. When cleaning your toilet, use some disinfecting spray on the handle to keep dirt and germs at bay. 
  7. Avoid carpets
    Carpets that wrap around your toilet may look nice, but they are they can harbor germs that can spread not only on your toilet but around your bathroom as a whole. To avoid this, ditch the carpeting and consider getting a bathmat that you can place around the toilet. 

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