Septic system alarms are inexpensive yet handy devices that alert homeowners to potential septic tank problems before disaster bubbles up.

A beeping septic tank alarm isn't always a cause for concern, especially if you suspect there's something wrong with the alarm itself. Take a closer look; follow these septic tank alarm troubleshooting tips to make the fix!

First, What Is a Septic Alarm?
You might wonder why septic tanks have alarms. These aftermarket devices are an early warning system for potential septic system issues. They're designed to save homeowners and the environment from sewage leaks and overflows.

Here's how septic system alarms work:

Water level monitoring – Septic alarms use a float switch inside the septic tank. This switch is positioned and set to trigger at a pre-determined water level. When septic tank levels rise due to increased use, clogs, or pump failure, the float switch triggers an alarm.

(Brown) alert – Septic alarms are placed outside (usually on the side of the home nearest the tank) or indoors. The alarms will feature an audible signal, a visual blinking light, or both, depending on the model.

Septic alarms help owners take quick action to prevent septic tank overflows and backups, which pose health and environmental risks. It can also help owners mitigate potential costly septic tank damage caused by overflows.

Of course, you know who to call when your septic alarm goes off. Contact your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for punctual, professional assistance for all your septic tank needs.

Why Is My Septic Alarm Going Off?

There are several relatively low-risk reasons your septic alarm might go off, but we recommend a professional inspection to make sure little problems don’t turn into serious issues.

Daily water use shouldn't generate enough flow to increase water levels significantly, so if your septic alarm is going off repeatedly, keep track of these three things:

  1. The time of day. Significant water use at specific times of the day or week may be contributing to a rapid rise in water levels. If the alarm keeps going off in the morning, take stock; is the family using multiple showers, running the dishwasher, and loading up the washing machine? Dial back water use during this period and see if the alarms stop.
  2. Specific appliances. If the septic alarm tends to go off when using a water-intensive appliance like your washing machine, there could be an issue with that device. Consider having the machine inspected and see if your water bill has increased, which could be a sign of leaks or another malfunction.
  3. Malfunction. Of course, there's the very real possibility that the septic system alarm isn't working properly. Consult the owner's manual for model-specific troubleshooting tips or step-by-step instructions for resetting your alarm.
  4. Clogged or full septic tank. Septic alarms are designed to detect septic issues, so it naturally follows that it has detected an issue with the tank itself. This requires professional diagnosis and repair.

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What to Do If Your Septic Alarm Is Going Off Repeatedly

Unfortunately, aside from resetting the alarm and inspecting the visual elements of the alarm system, homeowners require professional assistance to resolve most septic tank alarm issues.

Contact a plumbing professional to inspect the hard-to-reach components of the system located in the tank itself. You can expect an experienced technician to take a close look at the below-grade elements of your system, including:

  • The alarm's float switch
  • Septic tank pump
  • Septic drainage field
  • Septic tank integrity

Your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technician will quickly identify and explain the problem, outline a recommended repair or replacement plan, and get your approval before any work begins.

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