A noisy faucet can drive a family nuts. When you have to brace yourself for an annoying sound every time you wash your hands, it's time to get to work to remedy the problem. Fortunately, noisy faucets can be relatively easy plumbing repairs that you may be able to handle without calling in a plumber. Read on for tips on how to quiet unwanted whistles and screeches from your faucets.

Plumbing Repairs for the DIY Guy

There are a few different reasons why you could have noises coming from your plumbing. Try the following steps to root out the problem and bring peace to your bathroom:

  • Check on the Aerator: The cause of your noisy faucet could be mineral deposits in the aerator -- the screen that screws into the tip of the faucet. This is an easy plumbing repair, so it's the first thing you should check. Simply unscrew the aerator and run the faucet. If the noise is gone, purchase a new, clean aerator, screw it on the faucet, and you should be good to go.
  • Install New Washers: Worn out or incorrectly sized washers are a common cause of faucet noises. To replace the old washer, turn off the water supply and take your faucet apart. When you have the handles off, swap out the old washers for new, intact models that are a perfect fit for the fixture. With luck, that may solve the problem.
  • Put a Brake on Water PressureHigh water pressure is another common cause of strange sounds in your plumbing. If you think this might be the culprit, you can test your plumbing with a pressure gauge.  Anything over 80 psi can potentially cause a problem. If this is the case, you should install a pressure regulator on your main water line to protect your pipes and appliances while also putting a stop to the racket.
  • Replace Your Plumbing System: One cause of noisy faucets in older homes is when the pipes themselves are too small or have been so blocked by scale and debris that water has trouble getting through. In these cases, you might need to have your pipes replaced outright, which is a complicated plumbing repair that may be beyond the skills of the average amateur plumber.

Expert Help for All Your Plumbing Repairs

Not everyone is comfortable with a wrench, and your noisy faucets may be more complicated to fix. In that case, there's no shame in asking for help. To get help fixing a noisy faucet, or for any other plumbing repairs, reach out to a qualified faucet repair plumber today. Contact us at (800) 259-7705!