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Use Push-Fit Fittings to Repair Pipes Without Soldering

One of the trickiest parts about DIY plumbing repairs is when you have to break out the soldering torch. You need to be extra careful to not create a fire hazard, and the repair itself can be difficult and take several tries before you get it just right. Fortunately, you can get around soldering in many cases by using push-fit fittings. Read on to learn more about how these accessories can save you time and aggravation in your plumbing repairs.

You'll Never Solder Again

Normally, when you spring a leak in a copper pipe, you need to heat up the repair sleeve for it to fit snugly. However, push-fit fittings can make your life a lot easier. One example of these handy tools, SharkBite Connection System, lets you connect almost any pipe material together with nothing more than a little elbow grease.

The SharkBite works with copper pipes but also plastic models like CPVC and PEX. In addition to eliminating the need for soldering, you don't need any glue either. Instead, the fitting is made with steel teeth that grip onto the pipe, allowing the o-ring to make a tight seal so no water can leak out. Better yet, even after you clamp down the grip, you can release the fitting later if you need to make any adjustments or repairs.

A Sleeve for Any Season

Frequently, the reason you are performing plumbing repairs is that there is a leak, and even after you shut off the water, there's still moisture around the damaged area. Another advantage of push-fit plumbing fittings, however, is that you don't need to wait for the area to dry before you begin your repair. Simply slide on the sleeve and you should be good to go.

Your local hardware store should carry a variety of push-fit fitting models to slip on any of your existing pipes, including connectors, elbows, slip couplings and slip tees. These devices are appropriate for any number of plumbing repairs, like leaking or cracked pipe repair, frozen pipe repair, leaks on the lines to showers, faucets and washing machines, or even to simplify the installation of entirely new plumbing installations. Whatever the job, any way you can make it easier for yourself will go a long way toward removing and pain and aggravation from the work.

When Plumbing Repair Goes too Far

Of course, sometimes you can't access the location of a leak, or other complications can get in the way of your do-it-yourself aspirations. If you do need help joining pipes together, or any other plumbing repairs, call up an expert plumber today. Contact us today at (800) 259-7705!

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