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Smart Devices Let You Save Money With Your Household Plumbing

Utility costs can eat away at your household budget, diverting money that you could otherwise use for recreation, education or savings. The savvy homeowner is constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce spending on utilities like water consumption by modifying their household plumbing. To that end, a recent Time article profiled some smart devices you can hook up to your pipes and appliances to help you keep your spending under control. Read on to learn more about these water-saving gadgets that make a fine addition to any cash-conscious household.

Smart Sprinkler Control

In California and other parts of the country, droughts are causing water usage restrictions as well as big jumps in rates. One of the first places where people look to cut back in household plumbing use is in their irrigation system. Unfortunately, unless you maintain a meticulously xeriscaped garden, you need some level of irrigation to keep your yard from turning into a barren dirt pitch. You can compromise between conservation and greenery, however, with a smart sprinkler control system.

One such device is the Iro, sold by the company Rachio. The Iro claims to save homeowners up to 30 percent on their irrigation costs, with commensurate water savings as well. It works by monitoring the weather conditions and adjusting sprinkler settings automatically, sending out a little more water in hot, dry conditions but cutting back or even shutting the sprinklers off altogether when the weather is cooler and wetter. The device also collects data about consumption and allows you to monitor and control the whole system from your phone, putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to watering the lawn.

Gather Data on Your Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is an essential component of your household plumbing, allowing you to take warm, comfortable showers, but it also presents a double whammy in utility bills, driving up both water and energy consumption. If you want to reduce your spending on hot water, first you need to understand when and how you are using your water heater. That's where heaters that have smart monitoring capabilities, like the EcoNet by Rheem, come in.

The EcoNet shows you when you are using hot water and provides data to allow you to calibrate the optimal temperature to keep your showers comfortable while reducing energy costs. It also lets you know when the heater is not performing optimally and alerts you to leaks so you can seek repairs right away. Save on water, save on energy – sounds like a smart choice indeed.

Let the Experts Help You Save

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