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Make Sure Your Plumbing Is Ready for the Big Game

Two men watching a football game

The big game is right around the corner! Whether your favorite football team is playing or you’re just watching for the commercials, part of the fun is hosting a viewing party at home with friends, family, and food!

But, just like we see around the holidays, these parties can be really tough on your home’s plumbing. And the last thing you want when you have a crowd of people in your home is a plumbing problem!

Here are some things you should do to prevent a plumbing disaster, so you can enjoy the game worry-free!

  1. Go easy on your garbage disposal! Greasy food, including things like chicken wings, tend to go hand in hand with watching the game. But bones, for example, can get stuck in your garbage disposal and even break the blades. Grease is also bad for your home’s plumbing. Once the liquid gets into your drain, it can solidify and cause clogs. So, be sure to wipe off any grease from your plates into the trash can, rather than washing it down the drain. Here’s our full list of food items that should never go down your drain.
  1. Clean your garbage disposal. Has it been a while since your garbage disposal was cleaned? If it’s smelling a little funny, grab some citrus peels and ice cubes. This trick will have it smelling fresh in no time!
  1. Take care of your toilet. You may have heard of the urban legend that more toilets get flushed during half time of the big game than any other time of year, leading to problems for public sewer systems. While that’s never been proven to be the case, expect for your toilet to get a lot of use if you have a lot of people over in your house. If you don’t have a plunger, now is the time go buy one! Also, remember that your toilet is only for flushing toilet paper and human waste – no paper towels or so-called flushable wipes.
  1. If you suspect your toilet is having trouble, give your local plumber a call. Just like now is the time to buy a plunger if you don’t already have one, now is also the time to call a professional if your toilet is leaking or running, and get it repaired before your party.
  1. Take note of any drains that are slow or clogged. Again, preventative maintenance is key! We advise against using liquid drain cleaners – they are bad for your pipes, particularly if you have older pipes in your home, and the fumes can irritate your eyes, throat, and lungs. We love these recipes all-natural drain and bathroom cleaners. If that doesn’t do the trick, call your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for help!
  1. Get acquainted with your home’s shut-off valve! This is an important thing to be aware of all year long – not just when you’re planning to entertain guests. If your house is filling up with water due to a leak, the first thing you need to do is shut off your home’s main water valve to prevent further water damage. Don’t know where that is? Here’s how to find it and how to turn it off.

No matter whom you’re rooting for next Sunday, we hope you have a fun night! And if a plumbing issue arises, don’t hesitate to call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at 1-877-BEN-1776 or contact us online.

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