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How to Child Proof Your Home

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Your world changes drastically once you become a parent. Suddenly, there’s a whole list of things you have to consider, from diapers to daycare!

Add child proofing your home to the list!

We’ve teamed up with our sister brands Mister Sparky Electric and One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to share our favorite tips on how to child proof your home.

Cover Outlets and Cords

From an electrical safety standpoint, covering your electrical outlets is the first thing you should do. Mister Sparky Electric recommends purchasing removable outlet caps to stick over your outlets.

Or, you could consider replacing the outlets entirely with tamper-resistant versions that have built-in plug covers. This outlet style has been mandated in new construction since 2008, so a newer home could have them.

Another alternative to replacing entire outlets is to simply replace the faceplates with versions that feature sliding outlet covers.

You’ll need to think about covering electrical cords, too. Some outlet covers include a box that covers the entire outlet plate while allowing room for a plug. Cords feed through holes in one side, letting you keep electronics plugged in without making the outlet vulnerable. There are similar covers designed for power strips.

If you have cords running along walls or across floors, use rubber or plastic strips called duct cord covers to conceal these cords under smooth humps that protect the cords and make walking safe.

The experts at Mister Sparky Electric are happy to conduct a full child safety electrical inspection of your home – find the location closest to you here!

Secure Your HVAC System

It’s important to secure both your heater and your air conditioning unit when you have little ones!

We recommend securing your heater’s vent covers with screws so your children can’t remove them and expose the ducts.

The exhaust vent slots on the side of your outdoor air conditioning unit could also pose a danger to young children. While there will be a fan grille on top of the air conditioner that should keep anyone’s hand out of it, a curious child could still find a way to shove things like sticks or stones into the fan, potentially causing an injury. Think about putting a small fence or other enclosure around the unit.

Whether you need HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance, the HVAC service experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. Click here to book an appointment.

Lock Your Toilet Seat

Speaking of kids putting objects where they shouldn’t – your toilet can be awfully tempting. The last thing you want is your child trying to flush a toy down the toilet, so we recommend installing a toilet lid lock (and of course, always remember to put the toilet seat down!)

If you have an open drain in your bath tub, we also recommend that you replace it with a drain that has either a push-pull option, or a twist-and-turn option. That way, your kids can’t shove any items down there that could clog it!

Of course, if they do – call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at 1-877-BEN-1776 or contact us online!
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