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Diagnose Sewer Line Problems with a Camera Inspection

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One of the absolute worst places to need plumbing repairs is in the sewer line. That's the main outtake pipe that removes all the used greywater and waste from your home and into the municipal sewage system. When that wastewater starts backing up into your house, not only is it gross, it can foretell a very difficult and expensive repair. Since the sewer pipe is often buried by several feet of dirt and pavement, it's difficult to even diagnose what the problem is without major excavation. Fortunately, one of the increasing popular plumber services available is sewer inspection by a camera, which allows technicians to discover and diagnose problems in your sewer pipe without having to dig it up first.

Worth A Thousand Words

Plumbing cameras have been emerging over the past several years, and these waterproof devices are able to maneuver through all different types of pipes to arrive at the source of your problem. Plumbers have a variety of cameras at their disposal, each of which can fit into different size pipes and have the ability to pan, rotate and zoom to give a comprehensive view of what’s inside. The cameras transmit high-res images from every angle, allowing the plumber to tell you exactly what’s going on – be it good news or bad.

If you're lucky, a clog in the sewer line is just a garden-variety buildup of hair and household waste. Worse is an accumulated crystallization of soap and grease, but both of those problems can be addressed without tearing up the yard. The worst-case scenario is a break in the sewer line itself, perhaps from a tree root tearing into it and allowing dirt to cave in the passageway.

Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

Although there are less invasive ways of fixing underground sewer line problems, such as trenchless plumbing repair, sometimes the only solution is to dig, which can push the cost into five figures. With a camera diagnosis, you can at least take solace in the knowledge that you wouldn't be excavating the yard if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

Plumbing cameras can be used to find problems in other parts of your system as well, such as hidden leaks somewhere in your walls, the mineral buildup that hurts your water pressure or clogs that are found within the main pipe system. Before you schedule a costly and invasive diagnostic visit with a plumber, ask if they can provide the service more efficiently with a camera.

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