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5 Reasons You Should Have a Plumbing Home Service Plan

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Every homeowner has had the experience of an unexpected, expensive repair or replacement. But, have you considered a home service plan to help mitigate those costs? A plumbing home service and maintenance plan can be a big help in managing and even possibly preventing costly plumbing repairs.

But, first what is a plumbing home service plan? In a plumbing home service plan, you pay a monthly or annual fee in order to have a plumbing service provider agree to provide certain services to help you maintain your plumbing. While every service provider offers slightly different terms to their service plans, they generally include an annual maintenance inspection, discounts on necessary services or repairs and equipment, and enhanced service options.

Consider these five factors in weighing whether to purchase a plumbing home service plan:

Regular checkups

A plumbing home service plan will come with some form of annual checkup for all the major plumbing components in your home. This will include a qualified professional checking for leaks, problems with your drains and other concerns and advising you on next steps for ongoing maintenance or replacement. With an annual checkup for safety and common maintenance concerns, you may be able to resolve some problems before they become costly repairs and prevent safety concerns. A regular checkup can also give you a warning when some parts or systems, such as water heaters, are coming to the end of their useful life, so you can plan for a replacement before being surprised by something malfunctioning.

Discounts on services and repairs

When the need for a repair inevitably arises, being enrolled in a service plan often means that you can save on that service. You may be eligible to have your service call fee reduced or waived and to have the costs of repairs or parts reduced. These discounts can add up to big savings quickly! The discounts may even cover the annual cost of the plan if you have a major repair or replacement.

Water heater inspection

One of the most common expensive plumbing repairs is water heater failure. While even the best maintenance can’t extend the useful life of a water heater indefinitely, regular inspection can ensure that you know when your unit is due for replacement BEFORE experiencing a catastrophic leak. Not only does this save you from potential water damage but being prepared in advance for water heater replacement enables you to research the latest options in energy efficiency, such as tankless water heaters, to determine the best option for your home.

Priority service

A plumbing problem can cause major inconvenience for your household, so when you call a plumbing company, you want service as quickly as possible! Being enrolled in a home service plan with a local plumber can give you priority service, reducing your wait time and inconvenience.

Peace of mind

With a plumbing maintenance plan, you can rest easy knowing that you are maintaining your plumbing at peak condition. Having the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your plumbing is in good working order and that you are prepared for necessary repairs is priceless. Once you experience this for yourself, you may never go back!

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