Halloween is around the corner – do you have your costume picked out?

If you’re looking to do something a little different, consider adopting a plumbing theme. Here are a few ideas – we promise they don’t stink!

Toilet Paper

Hello Wonderful came up with this DIY costume in 2020, the year of the infamous pandemic-induced toilet paper shortages – but we think it’s a fun costume no matter the year!

It’s also geared more toward children, but you can modify it to fit an adult’s body.

You’ll need a thin piece of cardboard that fits around you or your child’s center body, packing tape or hot glue, elastic straps, and of course, toilet paper.

To construct it, roll up the cardboard and turn it into a cylinder, then hot glue the sides together.

Use clear packing tape to tape strips of toilet paper around your roll. Hot glue two elastic straps on both ends so you can use them as shoulder straps.
The creative minds over at Instructables have devised this toilet costume for a little boy or girl. You’ll need a cheap plastic bowl with a lip about 12", enough sturdy wire to circle the bowl, like a wire hanger, a piece of cardboard large enough to cover top of bowl, hot glue, a roll of poly-fil foam, and a roll of silky white fabric, both 24"x 48."
Here’s how to put it together, complete with pictures!
Poop Emoji
This one is also from Instructables! Who doesn’t love the poop emoji?
To put this one together, you’ll need sewing supplies, plus:
  • A backpack
  • 4 yards of brown flannel
  • 1 yard of grey flannel
  • 4 1-inch squares of either black felt or black flannel
  • Brown leggings
  • A brown shirt
  • A brown ski mask
  • Cardboard
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Brown thread
  • Safety pins
  • 6 wire coat hangers or similar wire
  • Pliers or heavy duty wire cutters
  • Tape
  • Iron and ironing board

Check out Instructables for all of the details on how to make the costume!


Of course, you could always just go as a plumber! This one is simple to execute. All you really need are work boots, a tool belt, and a plunger.

We’ll let you decide if you want to add a “crack.”

Happy Halloween!