The dog days of summer are here. And if you have young kids at home, you may be running out of outdoor activities and games to play with them while they’re on summer break.

We’ve got you covered with these fun water games that are sure to provide hours of outdoor fun. Your children will love to play these outdoor games on a hot day and they'll help them stay cool – no swimming pool required!

Duck duck splash: Water balloon games are always lots of fun for kids. Think duck duck goose, but with water balloons! Instead of tapping the intended target on the head and yelling goose, whoever is “it” breaks a water balloon over their head. Then, just like in the original game, they have to try to run to their spot on the ground before being tagged.

Water balloon toss: This game is a classic! Divide the kids into teams of two and have each team throw the balloon back and forth, trying not to let it fall to the ground and burst.

Limbo with a water hose: Just turn on your hose and get a steady stream of water flowing, blast some tunes, and have your kids play the limbo by leaning back and trying to walk underneath the water without getting wet. How low will they be able to go?

Water cup races: Fill some cups with water and give one to each child. Set up a finish line and tell them to run as fast as they can without spilling any water. The one with the most water in his or her cup at the finish wins! Buckets work, too.

Water snake: We’re not talking about the animal here! Instead, this is another game involving a garden hose. Turn on the hose, wiggle it around, and have your kids jump over the stream of water as it moves. Ask them to name their favorite part of summer every time they jump over the water.

Water balloon piñatas: This game is exactly as it sounds. Make some water balloons and tie them to a branch or a clothesline. Then, just as you would in a traditional piñata game, grab a blindfold for each child and a baseball bat, and have them start whacking away at the balloons.

Slip and slide: If you don’t own a Slip and Slide, that’s no problem – they’re easy to DIY! Just grab a large cloth, garden stakes, and a hose. Put the cloth down on an incline, fasten it to the ground with the stakes, and turn on the water. You've got an instant water slide!

Water battle with spray bottles: Grab a bunch of spray bottles that are full of water and have your kids start squirting each other. Whoever empties their bottle first is the winner.

The frozen T-shirt game: First, take a bunch of T-shirts, dump them in water, and wring them out. Fold them and put waxed paper in between each one. Place the pile of T-shirts on a baking sheet and stick it in the freezer. Once they’re fully frozen, give one to each player and have them try to put their T-shirts on. Whoever successfully puts the T-shirt on first wins!

Obstacle course: Why limit yourself to just one of these games? Combine three or four of them together and tell your kids to complete all of them as part of an obstacle course.

We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer! And don’t forget, if you’re dealing with water problems in your home, we can help troubleshoot the issue and recommend any necessary repairs. Contact us online or give us a call at 1-877-BEN-1776.