Residential Leak Detection Services

If you notice visible water damage or suspect plumbing leaks around your home, a bigger problem may be brewing. Sometimes, leaking pipes can drip for months before receiving attention. A leaking pipe has the potential to cause significant damage to your house.

For quick, reliable, and thorough plumbing leak detection services, count on the licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our experts will find the leak no matter where it’s hiding – behind walls, above ceilings, at the foundation – and quickly make the necessary repair.

Need emergency water leak detection services near me? We’re on standby 24/7. Call the pros from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing at (973) 241-8518​.

The Types of Plumbing Leaks We Repair

Our team will inspect and repair leaks for all these and more:

Common Signs of Plumbing Leaks

  • Unexplained water bill increases
  • Loud pipes, even when water isn’t being used
  • Pools of water collecting in your home or on your property
  • Damp carpet
  • Mold and mildew
  • Inadequate water pressure
  • Continually cycling water heater
  • Warm spots on your floors

Slab Leaks: The Most Dangerous Leak

Slab leaks describe leaks underneath your home’s concrete “slab” or basement floor. These leaks are never visible, so they can release water and increase a water bill for months before being noticed. Even if you can’t see them, there are ways to know if you have a slab leak, such as damp floors, high water bills, buckling floors, and the sound of trickling water.

If you suspect there is a slab leak at your home, we’re ready to come to the rescue! The team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is more than prepared to find any leaks your plumbing system might have. Once we identify the source, we’ll begin leak repairs while avoiding invasive plumbing work as much as possible.

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Leak Detection Services?

Every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location is locally owned and operated, so you can be certain that a local expert who is familiar with plumbing issues in your area will be investigating your home. We’re proud to call ourselves The Punctual Plumber® because we know how annoying it is to wait for a service provider to arrive. We’ll come when you expect us, or we’ll pay you for your time!

Best of all, we back our work with the UWIN guarantee. If you have any issues after our work is complete, we’ll make it right for you. Our leak detection methods are non-invasive and accurate. We respect the homes of our customers and treat them as our own.

Find Plumbing Leak Detection Near Me

At the first sign of a water leak in your home, contact your local plumbing experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our professionals are available 24/7 for emergency leak detection services. Call (973) 241-8518 or request an appointment online to get started.

Leak Detection FAQs

Can you tell me how to detect a water leak? 

If you suspect a water leak in your home, the most reliable solution is to call a plumbing professional. Our experts have special tools and will be able to correctly identify the leak source and any additional damage throughout your home. However, if you’re uncertain, you can follow these helpful tips on how to identify hidden water leaks. 

How does leak detection work?

Most leak detection systems use a small turbine or ultrasonic wavelengths to monitor the flow of water through your pipes. These systems use sensors to recognize and record abnormalities in water flow, pressure, gallonage, or temperature changes. When there’s an issue identified, our plumbing professionals then use these readings to identify the source of the issue.

Is leak detection covered by insurance? 

Most homeowners insurance will cover water damage due to plumbing leaks. However, this may not include long-term issues that could have been resolved with proper maintenance. 

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