Plumbing leaks under your home’s foundation are called slab leaks. These leaks can damage your property and cause your entire home to become structurally imbalanced. Your Panama City, FL home may heave, move, and shift.

What Are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks come from the pipes beneath your home’s concrete foundation. These pipes might be sewer lines or fresh water lines.

How Can I Tell If I Need Slab Leak Plumbing Repair?

Most plumbing leaks become evident eventually, but there’s nothing to indicate that a slab leak even exists. The first suggestion of a problem is structural damage to your home.

Signs of Sewer Slab Leaks

Here are some indications that you need sewer pipe repair and other professional plumbing services:

  • You hear water running
  • Your home has structural problems
  • There are wet areas under your floor coverings
  • The walls are separating from the house
  • You have high water bills
  • There are cracks in your walls, floors, and tiles
  • Your floors are sloping or uneven
  • The walls are rotating and bowing
  • Doors, windows, and garage doors don’t fit into their frames or work properly

Signs of Fresh Water Slab Leaks

Here are some indications that you may have a fresh water slab leak:

  • High utility bills
  • Standing water on your property
  • Limited or no hot water
  • Water or wet spots on your floor
  • Cold or hot spots on your floor
  • You hear running water

Plumbing repairs should be performed as soon as possible. If ignored, plumbing problems get worse, not better. Learn more about leak detection and other professional plumbing services at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. You can also call us in Panama City, FL at (850) 331-7956.