Do-it-yourself solutions for slow or clogged drains in your Panama City, FL home can only go so far. To deal with the problem at the source, you sometimes need to fight water with water using a specialized service called water jetting.

How Water Jetting Works

Instead of a drain snake, hydro jetting sends a specialized tool down the pipe to blast clogs away with a high-pressure water stream. Water under pressure is a powerful force and it can tear clogs apart with ease.

Water jets, also called hydro jets, allow a professional plumber to take aim at mineralization deposits, congealed fat, tree roots, and other obstructions that can interfere with drains and sewers. That’s especially important for Emerald Coast homeowners in low-lying or wooded areas.

When is it Time for Water Jetting?

If you have a completely clogged drain, you know you need professional plumbing services. However, you can often tell that trouble is on the way before this happens. If you have standing water in your sink or tub that isn’t alleviated by a quick removal of hair or other debris at the drain opening, it’s time to consider hydro jetting.

It’s never a bad idea to get a preemptive drain-cleaning procedure if you are considering an upgrade to your fixtures. You should also have your drains professionally cleaned after a flood or heavy rains which could leave standing water in municipal pipes that can lead to build-up in your household drains.

Why Hydro Jets Are a Sound Choice

There are plenty of reasons to opt for water jetting to clean your drains:

  • Ecologically sound jets use clean water, not chemicals, to remove clogs
  • Small spray jets and flexible lines are able to precisely target clogs
  • Water jetting works on all types of clogs and obstructions
  • Hydro jets leave drains cleaner and help prevent future clogs

Water is powerful enough to cut through metal, so hydro jet drain cleaning is best left to professional plumbers. To learn more about water jetting and how it can restore the drains in your Panama City, FL home or office to peak performance, call (850) 331-7956 and talk to a pro.