Is your Panama City, FL home’s water bill starting to stress you out? You’re probably not alone, considering the escalating cost of water over the past decade. For households of four people using 100-150 gallons of water per person, the average monthly cost of water increased by more than $30 from 2010 to 2018. For households using only 50 gallons per person, the increase was still more than $10 per month.

If you could take back even $5 per month, you could save $60 in a year. Understanding the most common reasons for increased water bills is the first step to securing those savings.

Plumbing Leaks

From toilet leaks to sink faucets that drip around the clock, plumbing leaks can be expensive. If you aren’t aware of any obvious leaky faucets but have noticed an increase in your water bill, you may have an undetected leak.

Those leaks will do more than boost your water bill if you don’t bring in professionals for thorough plumbing repairs. Water from leaks can lead to substantial property damage and may allow the growth of biological contaminants. This is why many homeowners consider our leak detection service essential to long-term property maintenance.

Irrigation System Leaks

Some of the most costly leaks occur outdoors. If you use an irrigation system to keep your lawn and plants hydrated, an increase in your water bill could hint to a cracked line or loose joint. You can check your property for unusually damp or flooded areas, but you may need a professional team to identify buried leaks.

Lifestyle Changes

You may notice an increase in your water bill after buying a used washing machine that isn’t energy efficient or installing an above-ground swimming pool. Adding a new member to your household or showering more often may cause a hike in your bill as well. The good news is that you can correct these bill increases without calling for plumbing repairs.

Are you ready to learn more about leak detection, plumbing repairs, and other ways to potentially save money on water? Give our professional plumbers a call at (850) 331-7956 for prompt assistance.