Water raining down from the ceiling is a clear indication that you need pipe repairs in your Niceville, FL home. Other problems with pipes are far less obvious. Whether it’s a blocked drain or a corroded sewer line, prompt pipe repairs can help you avoid a flood of trouble. To protect your property and safeguard your wallet, stay on the lookout for signs that suggest your pipes need plumbing repairs.

Check for Leaks

In Florida and across the country, 10 percent of homes have undetected leaks. The easiest way to determine if you’ve got a leak is to monitor your water meter. Choose a time when you know water won’t be used in your home. If the readings on the meter change at all over a 2-hour period, there’s likely a leak somewhere in the system.

Use Your Senses

Trust your eyes, ears, and nose to help you identify potential problems. If you hear unexplained gurgling or a continuous sound of water, something is amiss. Watch out for slow-moving drains and drops in water pressure. Make sure that any stains on your floors, walls, or ceilings don’t get bigger over time. Don’t ignore unpleasant odors. Foul smells can indicate problems with the sewage line or standing water from an undetected leak.

Tour the Garden

From tree root invasion to cracks and corrosion, underground pipes outside your home are subject to deterioration. Signs of pipe problems range from persistent wet spots to patches of dead vegetation. Cracked or buckling paved surfaces can also indicate an underlying problem. A sudden increase in water use is often a sign there’s a problem with underground water lines or sewer pipes.

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