The summer thunderstorms that roll through Muncie can be severe: thunder, lightning, and torrential rain crashing down on your neighborhood! That’s why it pays to be prepared for a blackout, especially when it comes to the one device that can save your basement from a storm surge.

Here’s why having a sump pump with a battery backup is vital for preventing water damage to your home.

Do I Need a Battery Backup for My Sump Pump?

Absolutely, yes. Sump pumps keep your basement dry by activating whenever the water levels in the sump pit rise. Any water that gets in your basement should run right to the pit and get bailed out when the pump switches on. But the fatal flaw of a normal sump pump is that it plugs into the wall. If the electricity goes out, water is free to accumulate and flood your basement.

That’s what makes having a backup so important – so your pump can continue removing water from your basement or crawl space. Even a few hours of battery-operated pumping can save you from dealing with the massive headache of basement flooding. With the increasing likelihood of severe storms and higher precipitation throughout the US, areas of Muncie that may not have previously had a high risk are more likely to flood in the future. Fifteen percent of Muncie homes are at significant risk of flooding in the next 30 years, making a working sump pump a necessity.

The Benefits of a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Sump pumps are more likely to stop working due to electrical failure than mechanical failure, so having a second standard pump as a backup doesn’t provide enough security.

So, what about the backups? There are two kinds of sump pump backups, and each has its own benefits:

  1. Auxiliary battery-operated pump. This smaller device attaches directly to your main pump, working in tandem with it when everything is functioning as normal. They also provide a backup pumping system when your main pump doesn’t have power or if it fails due to a mechanical issue. An auxiliary pump has reduced pumping capacity and may be overwhelmed by large amounts of water.

  2. Backup power bank. These batteries are mounted on a wall near your sump pit, constantly charging while the power’s on to prepare for an outage. They act as a power source, allowing your pump to work as normal, even in a blackout. Without electricity from the grid, your pump will automatically switch to the backup battery. However, if the pump stops working due to mechanical failure, your backup battery won’t be able to help.


How to Install a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Because sump pump installations involve working with electricity and water, we recommend trusting an experienced professional with your sump pump installation. Our expert plumbers can quickly and safely install a sump pump and battery backup, ensuring that everything is safely in place.

How Long Do Sump Pump Batteries Last?

Charge capacity varies based on the system you have. However, most modern systems can support about 5-7 hours of continuous pumping and up to 1-3 days of intermittent pumping when fully charged.

When it comes to total lifespan, most backup batteries (in auxiliary pumps or wall-mounted) last about 3-5 years. Their lifespan may be shorter if your home frequently floods and/or loses power. The more often the battery is used, the more quickly it will degrade. Check your battery for signs of damage or corrosion in March and September, the beginning and end of the rainiest part of the year in Muncie, Yorktown, Chesterfield, Selma, and the surrounding area.

How Much Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Cost?

Costs vary based on factors including:

  • An auxiliary pump vs. a backup battery

  • The kind of sump pump battery

  • The battery capacity

  • The number of pumps you’re backing up

  • Add-on features like a pump that warns you when it’s switching to the backup or when it’s low on battery charge


One of our licensed Muncie plumbers can help you choose the right kind of pump for your home.

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