Garbage Disposal Repair Leawood

Garbage disposals are now an expected feature in today’s modern kitchens. Cooks everywhere depend on their kitchen’s garbage disposal system to conveniently dispose of food waste and keep their plumbing running worry free. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Kansas City offers the garbage disposal services Leawood residents can depend on.

Garbage disposals: how do they work?

Garbage disposals are electrically powered home appliances located between the kitchen sink and the home’s plumbing waste system. In garbage disposals, an electrical motor grinds food waste into small pieces so it can safely exit the home in plumbing waste.

A correct and worry-free garbage disposal installation requires excellent plumbing and electrical knowledge. If a garbage disposal is not installed correctly, it can lead to leaks, backups, clogs, damaged cabinetry and other plumbing mishaps. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Kansas City performs disposal repair and installation services that will keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Some typical garbage disposal issues include:

  • Garbage disposal won’t turn on
  • The garbage disposal makes noise but doesn’t run
  • Leaks water or waste onto the cabinetry
  • Drain runs slow or gets clogged up

How to properly care for your garbage disposal:

  • Do not dispose of these items in the garbage disposal: pasta, rice, coffee grounds, potato peelings, or egg shells
  • Grease is bad for your home’s plumbing and causes major problems. Don’t put it down the garbage disposal.
  • Flush your disposal with baking soda and vinegar on a monthly basis.
  • Never use bleach or drain cleaners for your disposal- they are damaging to pipes

Our Service Is BBB Accredited

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Kansas City is Better Business Bureau certified because we have the most friendly customer service in Leawood. We’ve provided honest and professional plumbing services in Leawood since 2003.

We are Kitchen Plumbing Experts

  • At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Kansas City, our plumbers very the experienced professionals!
  • We are respectful to your home and family: Our plumbers are always polite and wear shoe protectors making sure your floors don’t get dirty. We always clean up after plumbing work.
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing garbage disposal installations and repairs are guaranteed to perform correctly. If something breaks within one year, we will fix it.
  • The pricing at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Kansas City is honest and straightforward with no hidden fees; our customers approve all pricing.
  • We honor our on-time guarantee- ”If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.