24-Hour Emergency Plumbing in Indianapolis

Some plumbing jobs can’t wait for standard service. Don’t panic; get the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Indianapolis experts on it. Our team is on standby 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure you’re not alone during a plumbing crisis.

Call (317) 316-3261 to schedule an emergency plumber in Indianapolis.

Our Emergency Plumbing Services in Indianapolis

Our licensed plumbers can handle a wide variety of plumbing emergencies. We’ll rapidly respond to your urgent plumbing situation and provide the right fix for your issue. 

Call us for any emergency plumbing services in Indianapolis, including: 

  • Major Leak. Severe weather, a burst pipe, a clogged drain or toilet, a defective appliance hookup, a malfunctioning water heater, and a broken sump pump can all cause flooding. Flooding requires immediate attention to minimize damage.
  • Burst or frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are a common cause of bursting, but they may also break from years of wear and tear. We can replace broken pipes with brand-new plumbing.
  • Water dripping from the ceiling. Water damage or dripping on your ceiling or walls could indicate a far more serious problem behind the scenes.
  • Flooding in your yard. Standing water or unexplained flooding in your yard may indicate a broken pipe underground. Call for emergency service ASAP to avoid sewage bacteria getting into your grass and potentially your drinking water.
  • Sewage backup. Clogs in more than one drain, foul smells that never leave, and slow-draining fixtures may mean you have a sewage blockage. These clogs are too deep for normal, at-home fixes and require a professional to make sure waste is being safely disposed of.
  • No running water. When the water isn’t running, it can indicate a range of problems. Check if the water is out to other houses on your street first; it could be a municipal issue.
  • No hot water. No one wants a freezing cold shower. There could be an issue with a specific fixture or the water heater.
  • Overflowing or blocked toilets. Toilets can overflow from the bowl or the tank, requiring different fixes to get you back to normal. They may also get blocked by something that shouldn’t have been flushed. We can provide a more permanent solution than plunging.
  • Clogged drains. A clogged drain may cause water to back up into your home or it may prevent you from using your sink or tub/shower as normal. We’ll use a camera to determine the source of the clog and clear your pipes with rooter service, Hydro Jetting, our proprietary Bio-Ben solution, or another specialized method appropriate for your clog.
  • Failed sump pump. You usually notice a sump pump failure at the worst possible time: When you need it to keep your basement from flooding. We can get your sump pump running again to keep water out of your basement.
  • Gas leaks. Gas leaks need to be addressed immediately to keep your family safe. If you notice other signs of a gas leak, evacuate and call your gas company immediately. Once it’s safe to return, we can mend any gas leaks in your plumbing system.
  • Rusted or damaged pipes. Rust or visible damage to your pipes means they could fail at any time. Rusted pipes may also introduce rust flakes or harmful bacteria into your home’s water. Have these pipes replaced to prevent health issues and future burst pipes.

What You Can Do Before Your Appointment

While you’re waiting for your plumber, you can take a few steps to prepare for the emergency service call:

  1. Shut off the water. Sometimes, you can turn off the water to one fixture, like a leaking sink or overflowing toilet. For problems deeper in your plumbing, you will probably have to turn off the main shut-off valve. This temporarily stops the flow of water to your whole home and stops the pipe, fixture, or appliance from leaking.
  2. Get us as much info as you can. The more information we receive up front, the better prepared we can be when we show up.
  3. Hold off on chemical solutions. Many commercially available plumbing chemical solutions can damage your pipes. Wait for the professionals to show up instead of potentially adding to the damage in your system.
  4. Call as soon as you can. The sooner a plumber can look at your issue, the more we can minimize the damage. Don’t wait for a problem to get worse before you call!

Choose the Emergency Plumber Indianapolis Homeowners Rely On

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Indianapolis, we know that a plumbing emergency can happen at any time day or night, weekend, or holiday. We’re here to help you get back to normal. 

No matter what time or what day it is, call (317) 316-3261 now to schedule emergency plumbing service.

Emergency Plumbing FAQs 

What is a plumbing emergency vs. standard service?

Uncontrolled water or sewage leaks are plumbing emergencies. A clogged sewer line that prevents all of a home’s toilets from flushing can also be an emergency. Most other plumbing issues are not true emergencies. We have a crew on standby 24/7 to help with plumbing emergencies at any time of the day or night, including holidays. We give priority scheduling to emergency service requests, to make sure you’re safe and your home is out of danger as soon as possible.

How much is an emergency plumber?

We don’t charge extra for after-hours or emergency service. You won’t have to worry about a sudden upcharge while you’re already handling a plumbing crisis.

Each job has a different price tag depending on the type and scope of your emergency. However, we work to keep our costs affordable and provide financing options. We always provide an upfront estimate. You won’t be surprised by hidden fees or overtime costs.

How long will I wait for an Indianapolis emergency plumber?

We can usually get to your property within a few hours, but our teams on the phone can give you an accurate arrival time when you call.

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  • Not sure you have a leak or where it’s coming from? Our leak detection service can find the source of water leaking anywhere in your home.
  • We unclog drains of all kinds to get things flowing normally again.
  • When you have a less urgent problem, schedule standard plumbing repairs to take care of everything on your schedule.

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