Do you have trouble telling a good song from a bad one? How about hearing all the sounds involved in a typical television show or movie? We have so many sounds around us on any given day that we often take many of them for granted and barely notice them. What might surprise you is how often a residential plumber can use sound to aid them in diagnosing a plumbing problem. That means you should also be paying attention if you hear certain sounds that can indicate a problem. Not all sounds in a home are cause for concern – that’s just what houses do. However, the following could be a sign you should call a residential plumber.

  • High-Pitched Whine: If you notice a screeching sound that sounds like you’d imagine a banshee to exhibit when you turn on a faucet, it is usually the faucet’s valve to blame. A residential plumber can advise you as to whether the faucet can be repaired or if the best recourse is to replace it.
  • Shaking Sound: Whenever water moves through pipes, it causes them to shake to some degree. Because the pipes are usually secured, you don’t hear it when this happens. If you do hear a noise, it means the mounting straps have loosened. While this isn’t an immediate concern, in most cases, if the pipe continues to jostle about, it could result in damage or even a burst pipe or connection. It will be far less costly to resolve a mounting strap than dealing with water damage and pipe repair.
  • Gurgling Noises: If you notice gurgling sounds as water goes down a drain, this is not something to ignore. It is an indication of a clog if in one drain or a problem with the drain vents, which prevent air bubbles if it happens in all drains.
  • Banging Sound: No, that isn’t a ghost hitting a hammer on the pipes in an attempt to frighten you, although that is often the first thing that comes to mind. If you have a banging sound when you turn on the water, it is called a water hammer. This is an indication of a pipe valve issue that, if left unresolved, can result in damaged pipes and joints.
  • Dripping Sound: This one is pretty easy to recognize as a faucet that won’t shut off completely. However, sometimes you can hear a dripping sound and none of the faucets are the culprit. You could have a leak in a wall instead, which should be resolved as soon as possible to avoid water damage, mold, and a high water bill.

If you are experiencing sounds that have you on edge or are just plain irritating, don’t just hope you’ll get used to them. Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Hendersonville. We’ll send a residential plumber to your home to investigate the cause and resolve it, so you can get back to listening to the normal moans your home makes that also have nothing to do with restless spirits.