When to Give up on DIY Attempts and Call for Plumbing Services

It might seem like all plumbing companies will advise you to never handle plumbing services yourself, but the reality is there are some tasks that most homeowners can attempt on their own and your plumber won’t mind in the least if you at least give it a try before calling them. However, even DIYers should be aware of when to give up and call for help when the efforts aren’t meeting with success. Here are a few such cases:

1. Clogged Drain – If you want to tackle a slow or clogged drain, be sure to so in the right way. It is fine to use a solution of vinegar and baking soda, pull the clog out with your fingers or a coat hanger, or even use a small hand auger. What you should not do is use a chemical drain cleaner. They are ineffective, horrible for the environment, and can damage the pipes. If the other methods have not resolved the clogged drain, call for professional plumbing services.

2. Garbage Disposal – If your garage disposal isn’t working, a few DIY steps you can take include checking the circuit breaker and pressing the reset button. If you suspect a clog, turn off the power completely and then try to loosen the impeller with a wooden spoon or use pliers to reach the clogged item. Never put your hand down in the garbage disposal! If these DIY tips don’t work, call for plumbing services.

3. Toilet Backup – This one is a pretty easy one, right? Just grab a plunger! That is as far as you should take it, however. If that doesn’t work, call for help.

Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Hendersonville, our motto is, “When in doubt, give a shout!” We can’t tell you how many times a routine repair has become a costlier issue because of a botched DIY repair attempt. At the very least, give us a call if you are facing something you are unsure about, and we’ll let you know if there is something we recommend you try first or if we should come out to provide the plumbing services you need. Don’t just cross your fingers and hope something works; call us instead, and you can know for sure the problem will be resolved the right way.