When Are Water Filters Important?

If you ask most people if water filters are needed if your water comes from a municipal source rather than a well, many will say that it is unnecessary unless you just don’t care for the flavor of the water. The reality is that even municipal water can have contaminants in it that you don’t want. They are required to keep certain contaminants down to what has been determined to be a safe level, but that doesn’t mean problems can’t arise. There are many situations that result in a boil water order being given. Not only is that concerning, but consider that you may have drank some before the order was released or could have even missed hearing about it.

Water Filter

Regular water testing is one way to know what is going on with your water, but keep in mind it is a snapshot– not a movie. It gives you one picture at one moment in time– not an ongoing report of what is in the water. With water filters, you can be confident that contaminants have been removed. There are many different types of water filters, from those that just take out sediment to ones that can handle bacteria and other smaller contaminants. The better the water filter, the higher the cost, so it depends on your budget and the level of filtering you are comfortable with.

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