Shower Repair Services

Showers are an essential part of our day-to-day. So when yours breaks, or isn’t working correctly, it can throw off your entire schedule. 

That’s why you need reliable plumbing experts to correctly diagnose and resolve the issue. Count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for shower repair services.

Get your schedule back on track with our reliable shower repair services. Call (513) 813-4992 to get started.

The Types of Showers We Repair

We repair all types of showers, including:

  • Stand-up showers
  • Walk-in showers
  • Bathtub/shower combos
  • Walk-in tub showers
  • Custom showers
  • Corner showers

Additionally, our licensed plumbers have experience working with all types of showerheads. Whether you have a traditional, dual, rainfall, handheld, or low-flow, we’ll correctly diagnose the issue and provide you with the best possible repair solutions. 

Our Shower Repair Services

We handle any shower repair that’s needed, but we often help homeowners with the following common shower repairs:

  • Water pressure fixes
  • Faucet repair and replacement
  • Showerhead repair and replacement
  • Leaking shower repair
  • Leaky pipes and fixtures
  • Shower drain repair 
  • Clearing and unclogging shower drains
  • Shower and tub retrofitting
  • Water pipe relocation
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucet repairs
  • Walk-in bathtub connections
  • High-tech and green upgrades

When we arrive at your home, we’ll inspect every possible cause of your shower’s failure. Between your shower’s plumbing hookup, as well as the enclosures, faucets, and fixtures, a lot can go wrong. Our plumbers will examine items such as leaks, faulty components, and unseen plumbing issues. 

Once the problem is identified, our team will fully repair the issue and provide you with long-term maintenance solutions to prevent these problems from happening again. 

Showerhead Replacement Services

Many times, homeowners notice problems specifically with their showerheads. When your showerhead is beyond repair or costing you too much money to operate, replacement may be a better option. Our plumbers are available to discuss replacement options and budget to perfectly fit your needs. 

If you’re looking to reduce your water bill, our plumbers are prepped and ready to install a low-flow aerating showerhead in one, or all, of your showers. These eco-friendly showerheads use much less water than their traditional counterparts without sacrificing water pressure. 

Why Call the Pros at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Shower Repairs?

Every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is locally owned and operated. When you call one of our plumbers to your home, you’ll receive help from a person who is truly invested in providing a service to your community. Our repairs come with the confidence of industry-leading guarantees. Call us today to experience the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing difference!

Find Shower Repair Near Me

Get your day-to-day shower routine back to normal. Rely on The Punctual Plumbers® at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all your shower repair services. Call (513) 813-4992 or request an appointment online to get started.

Shower Repair FAQs

Why is my showerhead leaking?

A leaking showerhead could be the result of:

  • Damaged inner seals
  • Damaged mix tap
  • Damaged valve cartridge 
  • A clog
  • Improper installation
  • Loose washer
  • Mineral buildup
  • Worn down O-ring

Can you tell me how to stop a leaking showerhead?

The first thing to check if you have a leaky showerhead is whether there’s mineral buildup. If you notice white calcium deposits, try these tips for cleaning your showerhead

Next, you can try taking off the showerhead and checking to see if the washer is broken or if the O-ring is worn down and needs replacing. If so, replace them and put the showerhead back on. From there, if the leak persists, call your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for repair. 

Why does my shower make a high-pitched noise?

Some reasons why your shower is making a high-pitched noise include:

  • Clogged showerhead 
  • Clogged shower cartridge  
  • Worn-out shower valve
  • Faulty diverter valve 

If you notice the sound is coming primarily from your showerhead, you can try cleaning it first. Otherwise, a clogged cartridge or faulty valve will require professional repair. 

Can a clogged shower drain cause a leak?

Yes. Clogs and blockages in your drain can cause water to build up. Over time, this can result in drain water leaking out of joints and seals. If you notice that your shower drain is slow or smelly, it’s likely a clogged drain. Call our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for shower drain leak repair services. 

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