Garbage Disposal Installation

When it comes to kitchen food waste, garbage disposals are ideal for keeping your drains clear and free of clogs. This helps protect your plumbing and reduce the amount of waste going into your trash can!

Whether you’re looking to install a new garbage disposal in your home, or you need to replace an existing one, count on the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers provide quick, reliable garbage disposal installation services.

Make your kitchen cleanup easier with a professional garbage disposal install. Call (513) 813-4992 to schedule installation today! 

The Types of Garbage Disposals We Install

Our experts can install garbage disposals of all materials, sizes, and features. The main model types we install include:

  • Continuous feed. The most common type of disposal – these are turned on with the simple flip of a switch. This model can continue to take waste input until turned off. They also often come with additional feature options like auto-reverse functions, advanced grinding, splash guards, and more. 
  • Batch feed. As the name suggests, these models run in smaller batches. The way it works is you place the food in the disposal first, position the stopper, and then turn on the switch to run it. These types of models are a little less common and ideal for safety purposes. Because they don’t turn on immediately with the flip of a switch, but rather only when a stopper is placed over the disposal opening, they’re ideal for child safety. 

Selecting the right type of garbage disposal for your kitchen will be done with help from our pros! We’ll make sure that your disposal is the perfect fit for your sink and preferences. 

What to Expect During Our Garbage Disposal Installation Services

While it might be tempting to make installing a new garbage disposal a DIY job, doing so incorrectly could make the unit dangerous to operate and could potentially damage your plumbing. Aside from keeping you safe, our garbage disposal installers also understand the ins and outs of plumbing. We’ve seen it all and understand how to prevent future issues with your unit. 

We also back all our work with guarantees, so if there is any issue at all with your unit, we’ll come back and make sure it’s fixed. 

Before we install your unit, we’ll consult with you about the right type of garbage disposal for your home, existing sink, or new sink installation. From there, we’ll measure and plan out our installation. During our installation service, you can expect our experts to clear the sink area and prep it for fitting. Next, we’ll prep the electrical for connection. Then, we’ll install drain attachments and begin mounting the disposal below your sink. We’ll reconnect your outlet to your drain, install any additional features and attachments, and tighten all parts.  

Once everything is properly installed, we’ll test your unit to make sure it’s working correctly. 

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips After Installation

Like any plumbing or home appliance, maintenance is key to keeping garbage disposals running safely and efficiently for years to come. To keep your disposal in good working order, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Get rid of smells by running ice cubes and citrus fruit (without the peels) in the unit.
  • Don’t force excessive food waste down your unit.
  • Run hot water regularly to flush out your system.
  • Never put these items down your disposal: coffee grounds, egg shells, bones, fibrous or starchy foods, pits, fat and grease, fish skins, or seeds.
  • Don’t use drain cleaners or bleach to clean your disposal. 

The Benefits of Installing a Garbage Disposal

  • Makes cooking and cleanup so much easier.
  • Reduces landfill waste.
  • Keeps your kitchen drains protected from large food scrap clogs. 
  • Easy to use and maintain. 

Our Garbage Disposal Replacement Services 

Most garbage disposal units last between 10-12 years, but may need to be replaced sooner if the unit is consistently malfunctioning, leaking, or no longer operating as efficiently. You may also decide to replace a garbage disposal if you’re renovating your kitchen or looking to upgrade your model. Regardless, our experts are here to help you make the best decision! 

When we replace your garbage disposal, we’ll remove your old unit, make sure your new one is in great condition, install it, and then make sure it’s functioning efficiently and reliably. 

After we’re done, we’ll clean up after ourselves to leave your home just as it was before we left!

Why Call Us for Professional Garbage Disposal Installation?

Every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location is locally owned and operated. Our teams care about treating you right because they’re members of your community and want you to turn to them for any future needs. We’ve gained loyal customers over the years because of our dedication to professional plumbing and our focus on customer experience with our guarantee-backed services. 

We also prioritize timeliness so that you’re never left waiting. That’s why we’re known as The Punctual Plumber® – if we’re late to your home for any reason, we’ll make it up to you by providing a discount for the inconvenience!

Find Garbage Disposal Installation Near Me

Improve your kitchen cleanup and reduce unnecessary waste by installing a garbage disposal! Count on your local licensed Benjamin Franklin plumbers for reliable garbage disposal installation services. Call (513) 813-4992 or request an appointment online.

Garbage Disposal Installation FAQs

Do I need a plumber to install a garbage disposal?

Yes. Installing or changing a garbage disposal in your sink is not a DIY job – regardless of your plumbing experience. If installed incorrectly, garbage disposals can be extremely dangerous to operate. Whether faulty installation causes an electrical short, leak, plumbing damage, or jam, all of these issues can be very costly to fix.

Can you install a garbage disposal in any sink?

Nearly any type of sink is equipped for garbage disposal installation. If your sink has a standard-size drain hole, most garbage disposals will fit. However, some sink designs and garbage disposal types may vary in size. That’s why our experts measure the sizing of your sink and desired garbage disposal to make sure they match before installing. And if you’re installing a new sink altogether, we also provide sink installation. 

How often do garbage disposals need to be replaced?

Most garbage disposals last between 10-12 years. That being said, if properly maintained, your garbage disposal may last longer. Regardless of its age, if your garbage disposal is leaking, jamming frequently, or simply no longer working as efficiently, it may be time for replacement. 

How much does garbage disposal installation cost?

It depends. Most units will start at around $150, but models can range up to $950 or more. More costly models usually have a more powerful motor and are more efficient. In addition to this, labor for installation can cost between $50-150 an hour, and fees for any additional features like anti-jamming, push-button systems, dishwasher drain connectors, and more. 

If you’re wondering how much your garbage disposal installation will cost, call your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’re upfront about overall costs and fees and will work with you to meet your budget.

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