What’s New with Water Heaters?

Water heating plays a significant role in your Birmingham home’s energy costs. With a tankless water heater, you can save up to 50 percent on whole-house water heating costs compared to traditional tank units.

Read on to learn more innovative facts about water heaters.

Energy-efficient Tankless Water Heaters

These innovative units are eco-friendly. They deliver hot water on demand, and they don’t waste water like conventional water heating tanks. Traditional units are continually reheating the water in the tank to keep it from cooling off, so you’re spending energy dollars even when hot water isn’t being used. Energy and water are wasted when you turn on the tap and have to wait until the water warms up.

Hot Water and Energy Efficiency Made Simple

With tankless water heaters, your supply never runs out. This is accomplished via a slim compact unit that eliminates the need for a storage tank that is bulky. When you turn on the tap, cold water is funneled through a pipe where it’s instantly heated with an electric element or a gas burner. The unit generates two to five gallons of hot water per minute with gas-fired units having a higher flow rate than electric units.

Whole-house Water Heating for Less

If you want hot water in multiple locations at once, you can install two or more connected units, or you can supplement your primary unit with individual units dedicated to water-gobbling appliances. The more hot water you use, the more you’ll save. If you use 40 gallons daily, a tankless unit can be almost 35 percent more efficient than a traditional tank. If you use 85 gallons daily or install a tankless unit at each water outlet, you can save up to 50 percent on water heating costs. An average family can save $100 or more annually with a unit that’s ENERGY STAR-qualified.

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