Below, we’ve shed light on some common well problems faced in Connecticut and how they can affect you and your home.

Due to high levels of mineral-enriched soil, Connecticut has its fair share of well-related problems. For instance, iron, magnesium, and calcium can cause several unwanted issues for home and business owners.

Hard Water

On top of manganese and iron, water can pick up calcium and magnesium on its way to your home. This causes unwanted white residue deposits on bathroom and kitchen appliances, glasses, and around faucets. The build-up of these elements inside your pipes can also have a detrimental impact on your HVAC system as well as dry out your hair and skin.


If you’re used to orange and red stains appearing on your pipes and appliances, then there is an abundance of iron present in your water well. Although this is a problem that is not particularly harmful to your health, the stains that iron cause can be a nightmare to clean up. In Connecticut, iron levels in the soil are much higher than anywhere else in the USA.


Manganese is a mineral commonly found in the rocks and soil of Connecticut. For this reason, it finds its way into the water supply naturally. Although this mineral is not particularly bad for your health, amounts as small as 0.05 mg/l can make water smell musty and give it a black tint.

Acidic Water

If you are noticing blue or green stains on your appliances, your water may be slightly acidic. These stains mean that the water is corrosive and could be damaging your pipes. This damage cannot be undone by neutralizing the water supply. However, if you contact a professional as soon as you notice staining, they will help you to prevent any more damage from occurring.


Soil and sand particles present in well water can be frustrating, but they won’t harm your health. However, if you fail to filter them out of the water supply, they can cause clogging and excessive wear and tear to appliances and pipes throughout your home.

Keep Well Water Safe with a Home Water Filtration System

Well water is usually safe to drink, but the high mineral content in Connecticut soil and other impurities in the water could alter its taste and overall healthiness. Watch the video below to see how our technicians can clean up your well water:

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