Wellington Water Treatments

Water Testing, Water Softeners & Water Filtration Services

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of West Palm Beach offers the community of Wellington, Florida, water testing service for homes. Sometimes water tastes or smells of chemicals, so you may purchase bottled water to drink something safer. Many communities put chemicals, like chlorine, in their water to kill bacteria and other things that would otherwise transfer into the water in homes. While this process stops some harmful elements, it is dangerous to ingest and bathe regularly with water that is treated with chemicals.

One of our expert plumbers can come to pull a sample of your water and send it in for testing. You can have the results of your water test quickly, and then you can decide on solutions based on the test results. You may have a high level of chlorine, toxins, lead, dirt, sand, and other sediments in your water. This could mean that you need a filtration system to purify your water, or you could need a water softener if there are too many minerals and sediment in your water.

Water Softener Services

Water softeners can help you keep your home in Wellington working well. Without a softener, you may witness staining on your bathtub, toilet, and sinks. Some homes will even show hard water stains on the outside of the house because the owner waters their lawn with water from the home. You may also notice problems with your tanked or tankless water heater, because of the sediment and minerals that collect.

There are many benefits of a water softener system. You may notice that your skin looks healthier. The water used to wash your clothing won’t be as harsh, so your clothes will look brighter. You will also notice that cleaning your bathroom, dishes, and appliances are easier. Everything will have less of a film on it, and you will end up saving money on repairs, overall.

Hard water can damage appliances to the point that they need to work regularly, or they need replacing sooner than usual. A water softener can get rid of your hard water problem and even keep your plumbing working better.

Water Filtration Services

You may decide on a water filtration system after you get the results of your water test. These systems can work for one area in your home, or you can get a whole home system. While a filter for your kitchen sink gives you better drinking water, an entire home system will eliminate many of the bad things in your water and give you the ability to have filtered water everywhere. The benefits of a whole home system versus a water filter just for your kitchen sink are substantial. You can eliminate the chemicals and other toxins in the water in your shower and bathroom sink. You can also wash your clothing in purer water. Many of the bad things found in water are still dangerous to your health even if you don’t drink it. So, a whole home filtration system is ideal for the maximum amount of safety. If you want to learn about filtration units that are right for your home, the plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of West Palm Beach can assist you in choosing the right system.

Other Benefits of Filtered Water

  • The pipes in your Wellington home are less likely to have clogs or need repairs. Cleaner water is better for the pipes to last a long time without issues.
  • You can teach your children to drink more water because they can get it out of the sink whenever they want.
  • You will put money in your pocket that you’d normally spend on bottles of water.
  • Your household will create less trash or recycling if you don’t have to buy clean water.