Lake Worth Sewer Line Services

Reliable Sewer Repairs, Replacements & Maintenance

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of West Palm Beach can come to your home in Lake Worth, Florida, and repair your sewer line if it is clogged. You may have a problem with the sewer line and need repairs. The typical sewer line problem depends on what type of sewer line you have. Some older homes have problems because the sewer line isn’t high enough quality to last any longer. We can assess the damage and offer sewer line repair services if possible.

Types of Sewer Lines and Typical Problems:

  • Cast iron lines can get rusty. Sediment is usually the issue when dealing with this type of sewer line. If the sediment builds up too much, it can cause clogs and even allow the sewer to come back into your home.
  • Clay lines offer a good place for tree roots to compact the line. This is because clay lines usually have many joints.
  • Sagging is usually the cause of a sewer line not working properly with fiber conduit lines. This type of line can also leak because they sag.

If you need emergency sewer line work or repairs, we can be there quickly to make sure that the damage doesn’t get worse. We can inspect and do any repairs or installation needed.

Sewer Line Installation

When building a home in Lake Worth, you will need sewer line installation services, so your home is connected to the city line. We can come to do a whole home piping job or just install and connect your sewer line. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of West Palm Beach offers you quality work by professional plumbers that will make sure that your new home has the pipes in the right places, and they are working at peak condition.

Excavation is something no one wants to deal with once landscaping is done. If a new installation or replacement is needed, our team can make sure that the soil removed is put back and the impact of the excavation is as low as possible. Our goal is to make sure that any repairs or installations that we do will be quality and no longer disrupt the ability to live well in your home.

Sewer Line Replacement

If your sewer line needs repeated repairs, it may be time to get our sewer line replacement services. We will come to your home in Lake Worth and inspect your line to determine how to replace it. Sometimes it is easier to replace the whole line than to do the extensive number of repairs to get it working well again. You could also have roots that bust the pipe and create gaps to the point of disrepair. There are many reasons for a sewer line replacement, and each home is different.

The problem could also come from your sewer pump or grinder. When these aren’t working correctly, there are more chances for clogs because of the tree roots or sediment already in your line. Alternatively, if the problem with the sewer line goes too long without attention, other pipes and equipment may become damaged. If this is the case, we can inspect and replace the equipment, so your line is functioning well again.

Our top service professionals will make sure that your home sewer system is working correctly before we leave the job. Once a replacement is done, there are preventative maintenance plans that you can use to make sure that you have your plumbing checked annually for any issues and cleaning if needed. It is much easier to catch problems with a sewer line when they are small than it is to have a total line replacement.